The internet has brought many opportunities for businesses and individuals. We are now able to shop using only the tip of our fingers. Most businesses are now taking this opportunity and using their websites to market their products and services.

This is making competition between businesses more fierce. Customers, on the other hand, get confused when they have too many options. So, they are relying on the words of other customers to make their decisions. 

Research says that around 88% of the customers consider online reviews as trustworthy as the recommendations from their friends. Reviews add a personal touch to the process of marketing. People trust reviews and testimonials much more than any other words written on the business website.

Reviews Build Credibility

Businesses need credibility and integrity to sustain long-term growth. Your business may have a huge number of customers at the beginning, and the absence of credibility can lose them. In order to sustain the existing customers and gain new customers, your website needs true positive reviews.

Customers search for reviews to check the credibility of a business. A business that has a good number of positive reviews, and one or two negative reviews, it means that the business has already established credibility. 

Negative reviews can also help the business in a few ways. Having negative reviews can help you figure out what may be wrong with your business and allow you to fix the issues. By doing this, a business can set examples of having good customer reviews, and gain more credibility.

Reviews Help Your SEO

Reviews are unique content. These contents have more crawlability to the search engine bots. A good review will have multiple mentions of your brand name. More mention of your brand name will make it more relevant in the search engine result. Good reviews are great for a better ranking in search engines. 

Reviews Help Connect you with Your Customers

Reviews are a great opportunity to connect with customers. It builds an emotional bond between customers and businesses. Customers like to revisit the websites of brands they favored and have a good relationship with. Asking for reviews or after-sales customer service establishes trust and credibility. Reviews are undeniably one of the best ways of increasing customer engagement. 

Online reviews are the most powerful tool any business can employ to increase sales and hold their old customers. It is a great way of showing the customers that they are involved with your business.