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    Tips to Improve Team Trust on Remote (UX) Workshops

    29 September 2020

    UX designing is not merely creating a website or an app, it is a multidisciplinary, collaborative, and innovative process that includes many participants. UX designers are conductors who inspire their teams to give their best effort. 

    With the emergence of processes like Design Thinking, Lean UX, and Design Sprints, UX workshops have become a necessity for designers. Facilitating a successful design workshop is a highly desirable skill for many designers, who believe it is one of the best ways to inspire their teams into creating futuristic designs. 

    The spread of novel coronavirus has led many cities into lockdown, inspiring more companies to employ work-from-home policies. It can present extra difficulties to stay productive for many people who will be working-from-home for the first time. Improving bonds with the team members can lead to higher engagement and productivity, as they have to work from miles away. 

    Remote teams mostly interact to discuss work, and friendly, relationship-building conversations are often left behind. To encourage trust among the employees, companies often develop various regulations so that the employees can stay connected. Here are 4 principles that you can use to create a bond between your team members-

    Level the Playing Field

    When your employees are working in different areas and in different time zones, it is easy to lose track of their needs and difficult to connect with them all. Make sure that everyone on your team, despite the time zone and distance are all getting the same opportunities.

    People Before Pixel

    Plan and enforce virtual activities that allow your team to hang out, have chats, and casual conversations. 

    Get in Sync with Async

    Remote workshops do not usually get enough responses from the employees. Make sure that they can easily talk and share ideas among themselves. Knowledge sharing is extremely important to run a workshop. 

    Embrace the Distance

    Your team will include people with various mindsets. You need to keep an open and flexible mindset to embrace the differences, so you can find new ways for team building and customer support.