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    Tips to help Designers Find the Perfect UX Agency

    4 October 2020

    Not all UX designers plan to build their own startups. Some designers plan to work for others before they start their own business. Working for a UX Agency of great capacity can be a remarkable opportunity for a designer. As a designer, you must be familiar with the concept of Lean UX, and working in a company that does not have any idea of what Lean UX is, can be a nightmare. 

    To find a decent working environment, you need to make sure that you choose the right UX Agency to work for. If you are unsure of how to find the perfect place, here are a few things to check on before deciding to work for a UX design agency: 

    Don’t find a job, find a culture

    Company culture is the day-to-day work that happens in an organization. Suppose, you get a job offer from a UX firm, but after you join the firm, you find out that the company culture, the values, principles, beliefs, and behaviors that guide the decisions and activities at the workplace do not fit with yours. So, it is logical to perform your own gap analysis, and understand the company culture is focused on learning more about user experience.

    Look for receptive leadership

    Check if the leaders of the company have the intent to work alongside their team or to use them as pawns to reach their goals. The leaders of a company must take into account people’s personalities alongside their skills. They should not only think about their profit but also their teams’ experiences. The leadership has to be able to “lead the clients”, instead of following every single of their instructions. Finally, check what their core principles are. Before joining a company, make sure the leadership has the emotional maturity that a company needs. 

    Ensure tolerance to uncertainty

    All good design processes have one thing in common, uncertainty. There is no obvious solution for good designs. Companies that do not agree with the theory of uncertainty, can be difficult to work for. Remember, the company you choose should have a working assumption ready before every project, and at the same time do not spell out every feature exhaustively. As a designer, you need to have an open scope for research, otherwise, finding a perfect design solution will be difficult. 

    Identify their process

    Understand the scope of work before deciding to work for a company. Clients always want to get their work done as fast as possible by spending little money. Learn how much effort the agency puts to educate their clients on the works they are doing. Talk to the people working in the company to understand how their plans work along. 

    Look for checks and balances

    Remember to see if the company’s team dynamics encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration. Check how they manage conflict resolutions. It is important that the agency treats all the departments as equal, and ensures there is balance in every aspect. 

    Deciding to work for an agency as a UX designer can be difficult, especially when you already have the experience of working for yourself. But having the experience of working with a dynamic team can teach you a lot of things that working alone cannot. So, before you choose who to work with, check if they have fulfilled all the requirements to become a successful agency that you will be happy and proud to work with.