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    The Importance of Reviews For a Company!

    5 July 2021

    Customer reviews are one of the most powerful tools that help businesses acquire new customers. The internet has brought so many potentials to the business world. Deciding to buy a new product? Online reviews are the best opportunity to receive honest and authentic opinions from fellow customers. 

    Every single eCommerce platform nowadays features online reviews to reach more customers. Companies, especially small businesses need to understand the necessity and power of customer reviews to grow. Nowadays, customer reviews are not only a small portion of eCommerce websites, people also leave reviews on social media, blogs and forums. Platforms like GrabStar, Yelp, Trustpilot, etc are also popular among customers to write and look for reviews. 

    Why is review important for your company? Here are a few reasons-

    Build a Good Reputation

    In today’s world building a good reputation is one of the crucial things a business needs to do to stay in the market. The reputation you set up can make or break your business. No matter whether your brand functions online or offline, online reputation can have a lot more influence on your brand. 

    With the rise of internet users, it has become important for companies to work on their reputations. Customers today do their own research without just relying on what a brand has to say for itself. A bad review can do more harm to your business than you can anticipate. Providing reliable and amazing service is the basis of a business. Working with trust and transparency towards building a better business-client relationship is a great way to receive good reviews and retrieve new clients. 

    Reviews Can Drive Traffic to Your Website

    Your online reviews can do a lot more than you can imagine. Reviews are not only proof of your business quality, but a major marketing tool. New customers always search for social proof before committing to purchase a product or a service. Having reviews, especially the positive ones, will encourage customers to learn more about your company, driving more traffic to the website. 

    Reviews Can Improve SEO

    Reviews can contribute surprisingly to your search engine ranking. More reviews from your clients means more use of keywords to rank high in local searches. Customer reviews are viewed as a high priority in search engine algorithms. More positive reviews and social media shares will increase your search engine ranking. 

    Reviews Can Increase the quality of work

    Customer reviews contain valuable information on a company’s product and service. Clients don’t hide their feelings on the internet and their truthfulness can benefit your company if you know how to use it. Understanding customer satisfaction can help you improve the quality of your product and service. This feedback will help you focus on what consumers want and create a positive experience for them. 

    Reviews Can Build Your Credibility

    Online customer reviews can influence nearly 9 out of 10 customers in making buying decisions. This means positive reviews can influence a lot more customers to trust you as a brand than you think. Customers today look for feedback from fellow customers to decide whether you are reliable or not. The feeling of being related helps to build credibility, which only comes from people with experience. And who has better experience of using your product or service than your existing and previous clients?

    Reviews Can Help You Spread Your Brand

    Reviews can work magic for your brand that a simple marketing campaign cannot do. They can create a positive image of your brand to potential clients and create brand awareness that can continue for a long time. Happy clients will share their experience with your company on platforms like GrabStar, Yelp, TripAdvisor etc, encouraging more reviews that can spread your brand. 

    Your customer reviews are proof of your hard work and credibility. You need to collect and analyze your customers for the betterment of your company. People talking about your brand is always a great way to spread your company name.