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    The Importance of Clarity in UX

    5 October 2020

    The web design technology is changing and so are the users’ expectations. More research is being done about Human-computer interactions so that the designers can get a deeper understanding of it. The evolution of web design and user expectation has become widely available worldwide, and the ones who did not keep up are becoming extinct. 

    One of the most important aspects of modern web design, without which the beauty of a website or application remained unresolved is – clarity. It has a direct influence on the components of intuitive design. The purpose it creates is to take a complex design and make it simple and more understandable to the users. 

    In many cases, clarity and simplicity can be used as similar terms. The more accessible and explicit the information on a website is, the more ‘clarity’ this website has. It can be anything from the navigation system of the website, or the whole user interface design. 

    Visual Clarity

    Visual clarity depends on how effectively the visual design communicates with the users. It determines if the components of a website can stimulate visual interaction meaningfully. Designers must make sure that the leads visitors have to bear are reduced while interacting with the website or application. 

    Clarity is Beauty 

    While visual complexity with higher visual elements can negatively influence the users’ perception, clarity, and simplicity with less visual stimuli produce an aesthetically pleasing sensation in the viewers’ minds. The more simple and clear the webpage is, the more beautiful it is anticipated by the users. 

    The First Glance

    The first few seconds of interaction between technology and viewers are essential, and visual clarity determines the impact it is going to leave on a certain individual. Although this interaction takes place within a matter of a few seconds, the cognitive responses to the visual stimulation are crucial to the user experience. 

    An Aesthetic Effect

    Visually appealing designs play a critical part in improving user experience. Viewers find aesthetically pleasing designs more usable and intuitive than the less aesthetic ones. Clarity and simplicity of design effectively simulate aesthetic beauty that creates a balance that allows the users to overlook any usability defect. 

    Simple and clear designs are visually pleasing and at the same time, easy to figure out. At the age when users have many options and less time, a simple and aesthetically pleasing design can do the first and most important work of attracting the viewers to the website.