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    The Four Web Design Trends Businesses Should Care About

    2 September 2020

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    “First impression matters”, how many times have we all heard these words in our lives? The expression has almost become a cliché. Research shows that it takes as few as seven seconds for a person to make several judgments about your business, how it works, and whether or not they should trust you. 

    First impressions can make or break your business. To ensure a positive first impression and to create a positive long-lasting relationship with your clients, all you need is a neatly designed website. About 75% of people who visit your website will rate the reliability of your website based on the design. 

    Your website represents your business in ways that you cannot imagine. So, correctly designing your business website is one of the very first things that you should concern yourself with. Here are a few trends you can focus on to make your website more attractive to the visitors. 

    The Video Element

    Producing videos can be a pain, right? But it hasn’t stopped the modern internet from becoming a video graphics medium. People nowadays prefer convenience, and videos provide them with as much information as possible in a less amount of time. It is predicted that videos will make up to 82% traffic of the internet by 2021.

    Videos do take a lot more time, money, and resources. But if you do want your users to have all the information they need from your website without being bored, you need to ask your web designer to create a webpage that can incorporate all qualities of video, from high to low, to support all devices. 

    Good quality videos are way more effective in capturing business values than copy or static images. Videos also increase the chance of the website appearing on the front page of the Search Engine Result Page by 53 times, which is an excellent opportunity for SEO marketers. 

    Use of Multimedia

    Another great way to compel your audience is to bring your product and services to life by using multimedia. The right form of multimedia content can allow your customers to visualise the experience of using your service and products. It will not only hook your visitors and grab more attention from them, but also it will give them a clear understanding of your products. 

    Multimedia contents play a vital role in e-commerce sites. They can demonstrate your expertise in the business world by creating a visual experience.

    Content Hubs Or Web Books

    The success and failure of your business depend a great deal on the contents that you share. Making unique, high quality, and valuable content can help your business generate more leads and create brand recognition. 

    Contents can be created in different ways and do not necessarily mean that they have to be like the ones that other websites produce. Creating innovative e-presentations or ebooks can be the perfect way of informing your audience about the various services and products that you offer along with sharing your knowledge with them. 

    Principles Come First

    The website of your business represents your brand. Your marketing team will generate leads, but you must ensure that the designers know the values that your brand represents. Always remember, the principles that represent your product and services should drive the website design process. 

    Visitors, even the ones who have no prior idea about your product or service should understand your brand just by the look of your website. A simple and convenient design, following the principles of your brand, will help your team make faster, cleaner, and purposeful decisions. 

    No matter what your business is, a positive first impression is what matters the most to engage your audience’s attention. It holds your brand’s value and helps your business evolve.