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    Stop Diminishing of Hard Work.

    27 December 2020

    Hard work builds the foundation to the way towards success. Although many of us prefer working smart rather than working hard, it is undeniable that one cannot lead you to achieve your goal without the other. 

    It often gets frustrating to work hard constantly. We all need a break once in a while. But when it breaks us down, it can get really difficult to pick ourselves up again. To avoid breaking down, we need to motivate ourselves to work hard. 

    One of the surefire ways of getting discouraged to work hard is being let down by our leaders. It is a leader’s top responsibility to encourage their employees to work harder and stay motivated. But when he is the person diminishing the hard work of the team, it can get difficult to stay engaged, resulting in low employee morale. 


    Here are a few things you as a leader may be doing to discourage your employees’ hard work that you should immediately stop.


    Leaders who like to micromanage do so with good intentions in their hearts. But one thing it can do is drive the employees crazy. It can develop a feeling of mistrust. Allowing a bit of autonomy to the employees never hurt. Otherwise, they may feel that you do not trust them with their work.

    Job Insecurity

    People want to work in a secure environment with a hint of future stability. As a leader, it is your duty to let your best talents have a sense of trust and loyalty. Instability in jobs may lead to more employee turnovers resulting in a huge loss for the company. 

    Assigning uninteresting works

    Hard work does not feel so difficult when a person is enjoying it. On the other hand, a boring task with less work feels impossible to finish. Assign our team with challenging and more engaging works that will help them grow every once in a while. It will keep them motivated to do more for the company.

    No Confidence in Leadership

    Not all employees will feel the same level of love for a leader. But the sense that the leader is incompetent may turn into a huge loss. It can decrease the level of loyalty among employees. As a leader, you should work on gaining employee confidence. Communicating with them one-on-one on a regular basis will help you understand what they are trying to say. 

    Lack of Purpose

    Not all of our employees will have the same level of competence. Allowing someone to feel appreciated by letting them know that their work matters, and you are noticing them will give them new encouragement to work harder. 

    Unpleasant Coworkers

    Many people spend most of their day in the workplace. Having an unpleasant coworker, who makes the environment toxic may make others lose their interest in coming to the workplace. Try to figure out how you can help them change their behavior towards others, or get rid of them for the greater good. Otherwise, their toxic behavior may build up negativity among other employees.

    Employee engagement is important in the workplace. Working in an environment where hard work and effort is appreciated can bring positivity and encouragement among employees. While a lack of encouragement, especially from the company leaders may be a reason for many to leave the job.