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    Some Remote Working Essentials Secrets for UX Design Teams!

    27 January 2021

    The year 2020 was a frantic year for most of us. The COVID-19 pandemic situation forced people to stay at home. Because of this staying at home measure, companies are rolling out work-from-home policies to keep their employees safe.

    Although working remotely is not a new concept and people have been doing it for years, the sudden shift of many companies from actual office to work-from-home has presented some extra difficulties to the people who will be doing it for the first time.

    Staying productive while being in the home environment is tough. Especially for someone who is used to working in the perfect office atmosphere. There will be more distractions at home. But many companies over the years have taught us that, although it is difficult, it is not at all impossible to stay productive while working 100% remotely.

    So, as the second wave of Coronavirus hits, making it uncertain when we can move onto (if at all) our usual office life, we present you some tips on how to stay productive while setting up a ‘remote teamwork culture’ and stay sane working in UX.

    Improve Team Trust

    Team engagement is something that we struggle with while working remotely. Working-from-home alone, sitting in front of the screen, having no one to talk to can be boring and harmful for productivity. 

    In an office environment, teams usually discuss work matters in meetings and casual conversations. These causal conversations make personal bonding easy, helping to build trust. Remote work can make these connections difficult. It takes a lot of effort to build the same bond with coworkers remotely and UX teams need to work together for better results. 

    Most remote teams interact to discuss projects and other work-related matters. Encouraging them to bond outside work motivates the team to trust. 

    Businesses with successful remote teams have shared their secrets of building team trust. Here are four principles that “Shopify” used to help their team stay connected :

    Ensuring that everyone despite their location gets the same opportunities. Helping to build personal relations by making the teams have casual conversations, informal meetings, and chats. Syncing the team to share knowledge. Being flexible to the idea of new ways for team building.

    Introduce Rituals

    Working remotely comes with the challenge of handling employees with different time zones. When people are from different time zones and locations, it can get difficult to arrange team meetings and common work schedules regularly. 

    Virtual company rituals and new routines can save you from this dilemma of working with remote teams. Introduce a common meeting time for everyone at least once a week to discuss work and have some fun activities to increase team engagement. 

    Organize Remote Workshops

    You and your team are not the only people having to adapt to the change of working remotely. Your clients also have to get used to the idea of working -from – home. As a UX designer, it is your job to help those clients to understand the change and deliver the best results of your work to them. 

    Running remote workshops more often with your team and the clients as an audience to keep everyone updated on the latest development is one way to increase trust. 


    To organize a remote workshop, you need to remember the fundamentals:

    -Focus on the objectives. 

    -Ensure engagement with a small audience 

    -Choose the right people for the right exercise 

    -Share the meeting agenda in advance 

    -Stick to the agenda

    -Test the technology before the workshop starts

    -Stick to the timing

    -Take regular refreshment breaks


    Know Your Tools

    Working remotely means having to work using the help of technology. There is no denying that tools are the most important things here. Whether you want to create a design, communicate with your coworkers, or collaborate, using the right tools is essential for efficiency. 

    Slack, Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts are excellent tools for communicating with the team. Miro, Figma Google Docs is good for collaboration and brainstorming. Asana, Trello, etc can be used to track work progress.

    Take care of Your Mental Wellbeing

    No matter how hard you work, without being at mental peace, it is impossible to hold on to productivity. The change in the work environment can be challenging, increasing the level of stress, fear, and anxiety among you and your team. So, it is important to keep yourself and your coworkers happy with healthy refreshments.

    Stay Healthy and Exercise

    Because of the pandemic, most fitness centers are closed. As people are forced to stay at home, it is impossible to get fresh air and go for a walk, let alone exercise. Remember to keep yourself healthy by eating fresh fruits and vegetables during these troubled times when we are all worried about our health. Small stretches and walks during work hours are also necessary to stay healthy. Always remember, good health and mind equals more productivity. 

    Advance Your Skills and Learn Something New

    The one good part of getting to work staying at home is that you have enough time in your hand to learn new things. Because of the pandemic situation, many great schools are offering advanced courses online. This is your time to improve your skills by learning something new. 

    Working remotely may seem like a challenge to you if you are new to the concept. But with the right system, you’ll find that it is not that difficult and can turn out to be as productive as working from an office environment.