User Interface or UI design creates a way for users to interact with software, mobile apps, websites, and other digital devices. UI design needs to be continuously improved in order to offer the best user experience to the clients. With a creative and innovative team, you can explore limitless possibilities of UI and UX designs, and offer your clients the best technology for their apps and websites. 

It takes time to create attractive, and efficient UI designs, especially when many design revisions have to be done along the way. But, what’s amazing is that sometimes a simple twist in the design can change its appearance and user-friendliness. Here, we will discuss a few of those tips, that can change your UI design to make everyone happy with very little effort. 

Lighten up your texts

Sometimes, heavy and dark-colored texts can be hard to read and put pressure on viewers’ eyes. Even a regular weight typeface can look heavy to certain people. Try to use lighter colors like dark gray instead of black to make the content easier on the eyes. 

The smaller the font size, the more generous the line-height

To maintain clarity and readability of the text, keep a proportionate line height. For example, if you decrease the font size, you need to increase the line height for better and increased lucidity. The same goes for the increased font sizes, the bigger the font size is, the smaller-line height it needs. 

Choose a Base Colour and Add Uniformity

The simplest design is always the most charming one. You do not need myriads of colors to make your design alluring. Only one base color with a hue of shades can add consistency to your design in the simplest way. 

Establish Hierarchy

Establishing hierarchy is one of the fundamental features to make distinctions between the most important features from the ones that are not. Adjust the font sizes, weights, colors, and positioning. Try not to use only one method to establish hierarchy, for example, if you decide to only increase the font size for important texts, you will find viewers who confuse them with texts that take too much space. 

Maintain Consistency in Visual Style

Make the visual styles of icons consistent. Otherwise, they will look unpleasant to the users. Ensure that they maintain the same style. Weight and outlining. Don’t try to mix and match.

Always make ‘Call to Action’ the most prominent item on the screen

Your ‘Call to Action is the one thing you want your viewers to see the most. To make it more visible to them, you need to make it to strike out. Use the color contrast, size, and text labels to make it more visible. Do not rely solely on icons. 

Add an extra visual aid to your Form Errors

While filling out their forms, users will make errors. Adding an extra message to specify the error will make it easier for them to detect the mistake. This simple action can be helpful and more meaningful to the users.

Give Prominence to the most frequently used action in a Menu

Make sure to give priority to the most repeatedly used actions in the menu of your forms. For example, if the most frequently used action of your form is the “upload image” section, put it above all other options and highlight it. 

UI designs can change a lot in your business. A good UI design does not just happen, it has to be done in a systematic way. Creativity and a few simple changes can change the scenario of your website or application.