Owning a business website is a lot of work. One needs to make sure that the website is coded properly, increasing original traffic, converting users, and expanding the online presence of the brand. Sometimes, engineering teams can have too much in their hands, so you may want to reclaim your website to redesign and market your website. Reclaiming a marketing website needs a strategy, here are a few steps you can follow:

Get Buy-in

Buying in your stakeholders can be difficult. Show them your plan for the website. If you are planning to use Webfllow instead of coding, show them its visual nature instead of just discussing it. A simple demonstration can show a simple and easy process that can make the stakeholders interested. Show them case studies and testimonials from a similar team of yours that used the tool you plan to use. Hopefully, it will help you get a green light to use the tool. 

Assemble Your Team

Once you have the buy-in, you need to assemble your team to run the website. Put together a small team to have your website designed and running. Have your own web squad along with visual developers, web designers, copywriters, and SEO experts. You will also need a project manager and product manager. 

Select Pages: If you are reclaiming your website to make it code-free, it is better that you select the pages beforehand. To figure out what pages would be better to migrate into no code, you need to check the following factors: 

  1. If you need to take a load of conversion from the engineering team, migrating the landing page would be a great idea.
  2. Any product or functionality that would need extensive coding even in a no-code tool would be a bad choice to migrate.
  3. Pages that would benefit from Collection lists or grow into becoming a collection of pages and the CMS, should definitely be migrated.

Design and Develop

Check in with your visual developers regularly to check for any modifications needed to avoid relying on extensive custom code or hacky solutions that won’t scale well. Familiarize yourself with all the possibilities and best practices of the website.

CMS is one of its most powerful features for a fast-paced marketing team if you are using Webflow. Identify the pages that need to be with Collections first. Keep a visual guideline for things like Naming conventions, Global styles, and Usage of components. And Finally, be cautious with the custom codes you use on your website, otherwise, it would defeat the purpose of using a no-code tool.

Evangelize Launch

After launching a site, share the project and its successes with everyone. Keep the stakeholders excited about the project by giving them more information and demos. Most importantly, document and share the goals you achieved while building the site.