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    Revealing the Secrets to Generate Superior Collaboration!

    5 January 2021

    Collaboration is the joint effort between more than one person towards a shared goal. The culture of collaboration in a business brings in maximized skills, contribution, and results. Teams that collaborate are more productive than individuals working alone from their own position.

    Collaboration works best when all the team members are involved in the project rather than working on only the specified tasks. In a company culture, where true collaboration is valued, responsibilities are distributed broadly, cooperation is encouraged, and a feeling of solidarity and understanding grows among the partners. 

    Building a successful collaborative team to boost productivity is a science rather than art. It takes carefully curated techniques to make collaborations work. Here are a few strategies that I found worked successfully to generate superior collaboration: 

    Sharing a Vision

    Having a shared goal gives the team a reason to work towards a larger strategic objective. It creates a purpose behind their contribution. Having a shared vision inspires the team members to be committed to making the collaborative relationship work for the success of the team as much as their own.

    Interdependence and Accountability

    The purpose of the collaboration is to unite the skills of individuals and utilize them to achieve a shared goal. In a collaborative company culture, teammates share their skills, knowledge, abilities, and experience to accomplish something together. Each teammate brings a different value to the group, where their contributions complement each other instead of overlapping. 

    Team members are bound by a structure of shared responsibility. Accountability builds this sense of obligation that binds them with commitment and trustworthiness.

    Capitalize on Strength

    Figure out the strengths and weaknesses of the team members and try to utilize the strength in the most productive way. When the team knows the strengths of each person belonging, it gets much easier to distribute responsibilities. 


    In a collaborative environment, team members’ behavior towards each other must be honorable, enhancing trustworthiness. Being honest, truthful, and true to commitments are important in a collaborative setting. Integrity here is about working towards a common goal rather than just self-interest.


    Authentic communication is necessary not only on a technical level but also on a personal level. Having strong bondage with the teammates allows one to have faith in them, resolve conflicts, and delegate assignments effectively. It is also needed for the improvement of ideas, defining functional strategies, collecting data, etc. 

    Collaboration, when there are well-thought planning and disciplined leadership is an extremely effective company strategy. Building a culture of superior collaboration within the company will bring more success to the business than separate individuals’ works.