Ofspace helped Zendoor’s to Design their Web Application with New brand.

Zendoor's mission is to provide a better, cost-efficient renter and owner experience. They help property managers tap into their superpowers with a system that provides all the essential tools for running a successful business. Leading the team are specialists from the sector, top-tier engineers, and committed individuals.

Our Service:

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Web App Design



Brand Identity Design

A company's brand identity is the consequence of all the elements it develops to communicate the appropriate message to its customers.

This design was developed after extensive research, using an innovative and competitive benchmark. Once this procedure was complete, a mood board was made to create Zendoor's unique brand identity and voice. On top of this strong base, the graphic, design iconography, and color palette were determined.


Challenges of work

Investigate the market for technology-based sourcing. Creating a fresh brand that stands out from the competition and competes in the market Establish a new flow and define a structure that may be used iteratively.


Information Architecture

As a standard part of the UX process, we create information architecture in Zendoor platform


Style Guide

During the development of the visual identity guidelines, we defined the style guide with the Zendoor brand. The typography we used was a San-serif font called the “Be Vietnam Pro” font family.


Visual Design

Turn potential visitors to customers by delivering responsive and accessible user interface designs. A great user interface facilitates efficient interactions and presents stunning visuals to entice people to return.


Web Pages

We design all of Zendoor's pages, including the main hub, the onboarding process, the listing page, the single details page, and every other page in between.


Dashboard & Ticket

In this section, we will walk you through some of the dashboard and ticket flow pages of Zendoor's online application.


Payment Flow

We build payment pages, add new payment methods, bank or credit card links, payment histories, etc.


Application Flow

Some of the property applying application flows are created in this area. A rental profile, residence history, job information, screening procedure, and final review and submission page may all be created by applicants.


Information & Settings Pages

Some of the settings and information pages are created in this part.


Ofspace provides accessible designs, in-depth research, and exceptional user experiences that will elevate your brand and make it stand out in the market. Trust us to take your brand to the next level with our comprehensive design solutions.

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