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    Most Important Essentials for Learning UI/UX Designing!

    31 January 2021

    Many people working in the design industry do not come from a design background, making it difficult to determine what to learn before in order to be a competent UX/UI designer. While having a degree in graphic design or web design can be helpful, UX/UI is mostly about people’s psychology. 

    Designing as many of us think is not always a by born talent. Especially when it comes to UX/UI design, it has to be learned. UX/UI designing is about finding problems and producing solutions. 

    Eye For Design

    Being a good designer is a lot more than just knowing the rules and design principles. A designer must have an eye for good design. He must know how to identify the strengths and weaknesses in a design. 

    This is a skill that comes to a person through training. As a UX/UI design trainee, you must always be in search of inspiration. There are loads of sites like Dribble, Behance, Pinterest where renowned designers post their designs on a regular basis. Before starting a design from scratch, you can collect inspiration from those designs, and start with your take on them.

    Knowledge of Design Principles

    Designing is much more than assembling shapes and colors. While it takes creativity and inspiration to create a design, UX/UI design also needs to follow principles. Learning design principles is necessary to think creatively and understand the psychological aspects of design. It helps designers know what to use and what to avoid while creating a design. 

    Some basic design principles are-


    Your design should inspire clarity. The people should be able to interact with the interface without any confusion. 

    Maintaining Hierarchy

    Another basic UX principle is to ensure smooth navigation throughout the design.


    Keeping a balance between symmetry and asymmetry is an important factor to take into consideration while designing.


    Intuitive and usable design helps the users to become familiar with the product without additional effort.


    Understanding the psychology of colors and their fundamentals is a necessary principle for designing.


    Choosing the right font for readability is a key principle of UX.

    UI/UX Skills

    UX/UI designing is a people-focused job. Along with their credential, UX/UI designers need soft skills to make them exceptional. 

    Here are a few soft skills you will need to prosper as a UX/UI designer:


    As a UX/UI designer, you need to be curious about the pain points and motivation of the users. Understanding what they need to make their lives better will help you make good design.


    UX/UI designers must know how to understand the users’ problems by putting themselves in the users’ shoes.


    Proper interaction with the users, other team members, and stakeholders is essential for creating effective designs.


    UX/UI design is based on research and facts. As a designer, you must know to set aside the ego and change a design if it does not meet the expectation.

    Practice UI/UX Design

    As a new designer, chances are there are not many projects for you to do. But to be an expert you need more practice. What you can do is create a fake project of your own. For example, you take an application or a website that you already use and redesign it. This will enhance your designs and enrich your portfolio.

    Get feedback

    Feedback is important in all stages of designing. Especially when it comes to UX/UI design, feedback is needed to understand user experience. Show your practice works to friends and teammates to get their opinion. You can also ask your mentor to identify and correct any mistakes that you may have made.

    Find a perfect Mentor

    Find a design expert or a designer friend to teach you tips and tricks of designing from their experience. Never hesitate to ask questions to the experts when you are confused. You can attend direct classes, or send an email to a designer to discuss your concern.

    No one can be a designer in a day. It takes time and practice to be a good designer. UX/UI designing is about people. Following a few tips, you can become an expert UX/ UI designer in no time.