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    Is a UX Design Portfolio Really Necessary?

    8 September 2020

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    Creating and maintaining a UX Portfolio is not an easy task. Your clients and recruiters will see that portfolio, and it has to be enticing enough to make them interested in having an interview with you and working with you. It will need careful screening and crafting in order to call attention to your skills, thought processes, and outcome. 

    The fact that your portfolio needs to be carefully selected and crafted, you may feel the need to put off the work of updating it for the last hour. But if you are feeling the urge to procrastinate, you may be making a mistake. To understand how a well-crafted portfolio may change your career, you will find the following reasons beneficial. 

    To Land Your First Interview

    Recruiters and interviewers commonly look for a portfolio when they search for a new design employee. They evaluate you based on that portfolio. Without a portfolio, the chances of you getting a job are zero. If you are an experienced designer, you need to always keep on updating your portfolio. To showcase your best works and your most recent skills, you need to incorporate your most recent projects in the portfolio. Make sure to put your most eye-catching and successful projects in the portfolio to get selected for an interview. 

    To Get Freelance Projects

    If you are a freelancer, you know the struggle of landing new clients. In this matter, your portfolio will work as your best friend. Your online portfolio will work as an advertisement for your skills, thoughts, and processes. Potential clients will check your expertise in your portfolio, and if they find it intriguing, they will hire you for sure. 

    It Forces You to do Your Best

    This may sound silly, but your portfolio can be an exceptional way of keeping you motivated. Maintaining and updating your UX portfolio will always put you on the urgency to give a job your best effort so that it can be included in your portfolio. It is a marvelous way to reflect on your career achievements. 

    Your portfolio can point you in the right direction in your career. All you need to do is water it with all your best designs and newly achieved skills. You will find yourself as one of the best in your field.