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    How to Upgrade the UX of your e-Commerce Website Visitors?

    24 January 2021

    A good user experience is crucial for any website. Especially e-commerce websites need to have the best UX for their visitors in order to stay competitive in the market and increase the conversion rate. 

    Best eCommerce UX is a lot more than having pretty designs for the business website. It takes a huge amount of effort and a combination of multiple components to build a website that users can easily navigate efficiently. To achieve the best eCommerce UX, companies must optimize every small element of their website methodically.

    Companies, in order to uphold their position in the market, are focusing more on user experience nowadays. Businesses are conducting more eCommerce UX researches to understand what the users need to have for a better user experience while navigating their websites. 


    Providing Access

    It may seem like the best people to know about UX is your design team. But you cannot be more wrong. The design team does not interact with your customers on a regular basis. It is the customer support team that knows what your customers actually want. 

    Providing the customers and the customer service team access to the new user interface design will save you from launching a failed product. Even when you are confused about a product, you can simply instruct the support team to ask the customers for immediate feedback.



    For a successful UX, the onboarding experience of a first-time visitor is a key factor. To make this introductory phase between the website and visitor successful, you need to make sure that the customers find what they are looking for without much effort. Design the UX in a manner that will make the customers feel like they are about to achieve their goals. Create the experience to feel like a triumph to the customers. 


    Understand the Most Common Role of Your Website

    One product may be used in different ways for different reasons by customers. Your website or application may be for finance, but it may also be helping customers to do project management and boost productivity while working remotely. Figure out how your website is helping customers and update it accordingly.


    Understand What the Customers Define as ‘Success’

    One of the best ways of doing eCommerce UX research is simply by asking the customers about the product. To upgrade your eCommerce website, you must provide the customers with an experience that will make them feel successful. To understand what goal they aim to reach navigating your website, the best way is to ask them what they seek to retain. 


    Guide the Users to their End Goal

    A website with the best user experience is the one that helps its users to navigate through the process of achieving their end goal. Communicate with the customers, and understand what they seek to achieve from your website. Then build a design that clearly leads them to the path of their ‘success’. 


    Talk to Users

    Communication is key when it comes to user experience. You must know what your users want before you decide to create a quality experience for them. Understanding what they want, what they have found in your website, and how they want certain improvements to be done is necessary while upgrading an eCommerce website. 


    Work on the Conversion Rate

    Increasing the conversion rate is the key aim of all eCommerce websites. When a visitor leaves your website without converting into customers, it is necessary that you ask them what made them abandon the website. This feedbacks can work as important suggestions for your website’s future improvement. 

    Good user experience is important to secure new customers and retain older customers. Understanding customer behavior is the key to successful UX. So, if you are worried about how to improve the eCommerce business, upgrading the UX of your website may be a start.