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    How To Stop Troublesome Manners and Handle Annoying People?

    30 December 2020

    Working with a team allows a person to gather many experiences. Having to work with someone annoying with troublesome manners is one of them. 

    You cannot get along with everyone. Every once in a while you will find yourself in a situation where you will be forced to work with someone you cannot stand. No matter how badly you want to avoid the situation, you will simply have to accept it and work with them in order to achieve your goal. 

    While working with that annoying person, speaking what’s in our mind and showing our dislike clearly can bring the risk of hindering or undermining the entire project you have been working so hard on. So, how do you work with that person without letting them know how you really feel about them? 

    Fear isn’t always the best strategy

    Suppose you have a rude boss. If you fear him and try to stay away, his behavior will not change the slightest. You may be scared of one of your co-workers’ rude attitudes. But highlighting the worst of working with him will only bring negativity in our mind and discourage you from completing the task.

    Rather stand bravely in front of them, and let them know that their attitude is not worth losing an opportunity. You stand strong in our position will help them realize their offense and is enough to embarrass them.

    Offenders need to see their victims

    Rude people often do not understand the extent of their behavior. Sometimes letting them know how much harm they are causing will give them the realization that they are doing something wrong. 

    Don’t underestimate the power of intermittent reward

    Rewards are one of the best ways of correcting human behavior. If as a leader you find one of our employees being rude or inappropriate to the others, one thing you can do is announce a reward for the most appreciative and cooperative one. A system like this will force them to work in cooperation with others and will eventually lead to a habit. 

    As much as we would like to hide away from the people who are rude and annoying, we cannot always do so for our goals. So, we need to learn how to stand up to those people and make it work.