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    How to Fix the Poor Performance of Your Employee?

    15 June 2021

    Being a leader is undoubtedly one of the hardest jobs. Especially when it comes to managing an employee’s work performance, it can get pretty challenging. Unproductive behavior from an employee can often lead to a deteriorated relationship between the manager and employee. While having to discuss this issue can be uncomfortable, it is best to bring it up as soon as the problem is noticed, otherwise, it can lead to serious harm to the company.

    Here are a few tips that a leader can follow to manage employee performance better:

    Find out the Issues of Poor Performance

    The first step to take when you notice an issue with an employee’s performance is to discuss it with the person. Approach him with curiosity. Ask him what’s causing him to fall behind. If needed, involve HR in the conversation. Remember the intention is to uncover the problem and figure out a solution that can help the employee succeed in his work performance. 

    Encourage Regular Communication

    Regular communication is the key to build a strong relationship between a manager and his employees. Updating yourself on the employees’ work and performance now and then can help you figure out any issues before they start to cause any harm. This approach will also help understand the employees and their strengths.

    Bring up a Positive Work Station

    Sometimes poor employee performance is the result of low motivation. A positive work environment with assistance offered by everyone around can be quite helpful for someone struggling to keep up with their performance.

    Encourage a Little Amount of Growth

    Every little accomplishment is a step towards ultimate success. Motivate your employees to do their best even when they are feeling down. Make sure you appreciate them even when their achievement is small. This will encourage them to take bigger steps. 

    Take Disciplinary Actions

    Often it is wise to be strict to manage the company’s reputation. If you find an employee failing to perform their task even when you are providing all the necessary support, maybe it is time to be tough. Be honest with the employee and tell them what is lacking in their performance. Create a plan to improve their performance. If that fails, maybe it is time to terminate them.

    Employees play the most important role in upholding an organization. If their work performance is low, it can result in serious damage to the organization’s reputation. So, as a manager, you need to ensure that your employees live up to the expectation, if not, it is time you figure out why.