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    How to Decrease Dead Time in Your Team?

    17 June 2021

    Have you ever wondered how much time you have wasted while working every day? It may be the time you spent commuting to work, or the 10 minutes lag in between meetings. The thing is, do you let yourself waste the time or use it constructively? 

    There is a popular phrase, “work smarter, not harder.” It is the motto of today’s world is to use time productively. Efficiency is not an issue during working hours. The time you are working, you are already spending productively. But what about the moments where you are not working? Do you use them to finish wisely or waste time by sitting leisurely? 

    If you are wondering how you can use the dead time productively, here are a few ideas that you can use-

    Support a Colleague

    Just because you are having a slow period does not mean you cannot help someone else. Communicate with your colleagues. Help them figure out project work or technical support. Any help you provide now will be a part of your productive time. Moreover, being nice to someone has its own advantage. You may find yourself a new friend by helping a new colleague.

    Improve Yourself

    Learn something new. Everyone has a thing they are interested in. Use the extra time to catch up with your curiosity for knowledge. It can be a new piece of software or a new skill you wanted to learn, or it can be a new tool or management work. Use the time for your personal and professional development. 

    Finish Your Extra Tasks

    Office work can be tiring especially when you have little time for other tasks. Now that you have free time, you can organize your emails, your desktop and do some admin work that you could not complete because of busyness. You will not only get the work done, but it will also refresh your mind.

    Increase Productivity

    Do not take free time leisurely. Use the time productively to develop your personal and professional calling. Research on how you can efficiently do your work in less time. Learn things and build relationships that can improve your performance in work. You will find yourself way ahead if you can manage to complete these activities during your dead time.

    Dead times can be used fruitfully if you know what to do. Use them wisely and see yourself at the peak of your industry.