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    How to build-up Customer Commitment through User Experience?

    20 January 2021

    The purpose of a successful business is to create a local base of customers, whom the company can always count on. Brand and customer relationship is mostly about trust. As a business, if your customers do not trust you enough with their most precious works, then you may be doing things the wrong way.

    In this age of technology, many businesses, especially IT-related ones are running remotely. This means, no face-to-face meetings with clients, no visiting each other’s offices, overall none of the stuff that used to help strengthen the company-customer bond. 

    Today, most businesses use mobile applications, websites, and other social and interactive platforms to communicate with their clients. While these sectors have made the mode of communication much easier, they have left us estranged from the feelings of intimacy. 

    Online businesses nowadays need much more than providing high-quality products. While providing the best services with quality products are essential, keeping the customers engaged with positive experiences is also necessary. Here are a few tips on how the user experience can help companies create a local brand follower base amongst their customers: 


    A lousy design may crumble customer loyalty

    Your company website may be presenting the products and services you offer to your customers. But having a poorly designed system will not only decrease conversion but will also ruin the bond between the company and loyal customers. So, before designing the company website, make sure that the design guides people in the right direction. 


    The customer will always be right

    Listen to what your customers have to say about your website. Do not avoid those reviews and ratings. If several customers are complaining about a specific feature of your website, chances are, they want you to improve that section. Work on it to rebuild the relationship of trust with your customers. 


    Keep the Customer at the top

    Customers are everything when it comes to business. While building a website, from designing to programming, make sure to keep customer loyalty in mind. Many businesses tend to focus more on gaining more clients and overlook the need to provide a positive experience to the existing customers. This is a mistake. If you want more revenue, you need to improve the perception of usability.


    Keeping your user is a big deal

    Your most loyal customers will work as the advocate for your brand. Cultivating social engagement through online experience increases customer engagement. A good user experience will not only increase conversion for your brand, but organic loyalty will also bring more referrals. 


    Test your design and stick to your Usability laws

    Usability laws are there for a reason. Test your design over and over before launching it and check if any of the laws are broken. Even if you think some laws are not worth it, breaking them can cause more harm than profit. 


    Creating new products and adding new features

    Your business website or app needs to be constantly improved and updated. Always search for features and options that can improve user experience. Add features that people need, or will find amusing, remove the unnecessary ones. 


    Create a tailor-made experience

    Tailor the experience for each customer according to their needs. There are tools that can help you understand the users’ goals to improve loyalty. Customized experiences instead of all information at once will help customers get a clear view of your brand. 


    Predict what the next move is

    Work on providing the customers the whole experience. Many companies nowadays partner and transfer loyalty points with other companies to enhance user experience. This will show the customers that you care about them enough to provide them the whole package and will encourage them to stick with the partner brands. 

    User experience is not only about design. Combined with marketing, user experience can truly enhance the overall experience of a customer’s journey and increase their loyalty towards the brand.