The year 2020 has brought many changes to our lives. One of these changes includes working from home being the new normal. Imagine being stuck at home amid the pandemic without having the opportunity to work! Well, science helped many of us keep this nightmare into a mere nightmare and not a reality.

But everything has its advantages and disadvantages. While remote work is considered a privilege, it can become pretty challenging as it leaves us open to many disruptions. Our beloved friend Science has provided some solutions to help us enjoy the privilege of working from home. Let’s see what those are-

Develop a Habit

The interesting thing is, when you have a structure in your work, it will become easier for you to focus. If you build a habit of creating a map of the works you do and repeat consistently, you will find it much easier to deal with. Try to do things exactly as you do when you are in the office. It will create an appropriate environment for work.

To avoid additional disruption, you can keep a fixed amount of time in your schedule for those extra tasks. Also, remember to select a dedicated workstation for all your office work. This way you will be able to develop a mindset for work and have enough time to do personal tasks.  

Look the Part

Working from home clearly sounds like you will have the comfort of our home while working. But this does not justify if you decide to work with our pajamas on. To be taken seriously as a professional (even by your own self) you need to look like a professional. This means wearing clean and ironed clothes, shaving, and showering. It will give you a fresh feel helping you to focus more on work

Socialize, Even when you are Distant

Being home alone can become boring at times. Having a structured conversation once in a while with our co-workers will not only help you cheer up but also benefit the work you are doing. You can always have groups in Google meet and have a meeting once in a while to discuss work progress. It will relieve the feeling of loneliness and boost company morale.

Health is Everything

In the current situation, most of us are thinking about our health choices and the consequences it may bring. Social distancing measures are making it difficult to move from one place to another. But that does not mean you can not move from our chair. Every once in a while try to get up and stretch our legs. Try to have some healthy options on your menu and take a lot of fluid. It will keep your energy up.

In these troubled times, we can consider remote work as a blessing. With the right measures backed upped by science, working from home can be as much productive as working from an office if not more.