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    How I Control the Anxiety of Public Speaking?

    31 December 2020

    Public speaking anxiety is one of the most commonly reported social fears. While to some it may sound like a problem that you can easily get rid of, people with Social Anxiety Disorder know how real it can get. 

    Some consider their fear of public speaking more terrifying than the fear of death! It can hold a person back in life. So, for a person to move ahead in their life and career, it is important to overcome this fear of public speaking. 

    Although anxiety of public speaking is a major setback for man, there are ways that can help a person overcome this fear. Here are a few tips one can follow to overcome their fear of public speaking and blossom to their fullest potential. 


    Don’t try to calm down

    Staying calm during a presentation is necessary. But trying to calm yourself forcefully may result in the total opposite of what you are hoping to achieve. 

    Nervousness is natural in situations like this. It can be quite helpful if you think about the adrenaline that it releases to your brain helping you think faster and be more enthusiastic in conveying your messages. 

    Always remember, nobody is perfect, you only need to present the version of your own self in front of people, not a perfect one. 


    Practice in front of an audience

    Speaking in front of an unknown crowd can be nerve-wracking. The best way you can release this anxiety is by practicing more and more. But where will you find the audience who you will not feel nervous around? 

    Try practicing in front of our friends, colleagues, or family members. These are the people you usually talk to every day. Having them as our audience while practicing will increase your confidence level.  


    Turn off the lights

    Another trick to feeling safer during a presentation is by darkening the room, especially the part where the audience is sitting. This will create an illusion that fewer people are there in front of you. Seeing fewer faces ahead will help you feel calm and confident. Also dimming the light will bring the focus to the speaker, making people concentrate more on what he is saying. 


    Know your audience

    Preparing in advance for a presentation is always worthwhile. When your greatest challenge is facing the audience, a simple preparation can save you from that fear and provide you with more confidence. Figure out common ground with them. Highlight it in your presentation. The more you will learn about their personal history, the more connected you will feel with them, leading you to feel confident about facing them during the presentation


    Lead with a puzzle, question, or story

    One factor that makes us all scared before speaking in public is how the audience will take us. Starting with a puzzle, a question or even a short story will have them busy thinking about that exciting piece of information. They will focus on what you’re saying rather than judging you. 

    People like to follow others who have command in the business and on stage. Being confident while making a speech in public matters most in this competitive world. 

    Fear of facing a large group of audience is not new. You just need a few tips to overcome it and keep it in control for achieving your future goals.