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    How Can Your Difficulty be Your Extensive Strength?

    24 December 2020

    Difficult times are hard to avoid. We all face tough times at least at one point in our lives. While it is inevitable, the way we deal with it can define our future, as that difficult time is when we get to test our mental strength. 


    Passing difficult times can bring a lot of negative energy around us. We can find ourselves being anxious and having self-doubts with all the negativity around us. It will affect our behavior, create an imbalance in work and personal life, and decrease productivity. 


    On the other hand, staying strong in a tough situation can bring the best out of a person. It will not only get you out of the difficult situation, you will come out of it as a person with new strength to control your thoughts, feelings, and behavior. So, no matter what life throws at you in the future, you will have the power to deal with it. 



    Thoughts are tricky. Everyone has them. If you are a human being, chances are some people will not like you. You cannot control their thoughts. What you can do is control your own thoughts. 

    Stop worrying about what others think. None of them are wearing our shoes. you do your best for our own satisfaction. Worrying about what others think will only bring negativity. Rather focus on self-love and acceptance. Spread positivity. It will be much easier to face difficulties with a strong positive mind. 



    One good way to become a miserable person is constantly worrying about what happened in the past. It brings negativity and keeps us from moving forward. 

    Dwelling in the past can hold us back from achieving our dreams. Rather setting a goal for our future goals can help us focus on achieving it and get past the difficulties of the present. 



    To “Win” can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. We grew up learning to “win” means I win and someone else loses. But that does not have to be true. In today’s world, we can all win together with our own definition of winning. Just because you lost something does not have to mean you are a loser. Losing something can result in gaining something else. Having this positive attitude can make a huge difference in our life while passing a difficult time. 


    We live in a time of frustration, doubt, and uncertainty. Having inner strength in this day and age can be difficult. But when tough times approach, staying strong becomes our only option. By holding onto the positive energy it becomes easier to pass those difficulties and ultimately become a stronger person.