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    How Agile Teams Can Organise UX Work

    3 September 2020

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    Agile is a group of software development methodologies incorporating various iterative approaches to software development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between teams. With its disciplined project management process and a leadership philosophy that encourages teamwork, self-organisation, and accountability, Agile has also made its place in legal, marketing, and other enterprise industries.

    Although Agile methodology is the most popular software development methodology, with a lot of benefits, it is more focused on software development and not UX design. Under the Agile standard, the entire team related to a project sits together to work on the same element. Agile methodologies do not specify how it should be used on UX, but UX professionals can figure this out by iterating and experimenting more. 

    Here are a few suggestions for Agile teams to aid their UX work:

    Maximise your productivity and minimise frustrations

    Initially, Agile was not designed for UX works. It can be challenging for UX designers to work in an Agile environment. With the rapid turnarounds and the long list of to-do’s, it can get difficult to identify the items that need more priority. Once you are able to identify what should be addressed first in the process of designing, it will get a lot better and keep you enthusiastic about the next step. 

    Prioritisation methods

    Every successful product needs thoughtful prioritisation. The Agile team should be more focused on building the right things by determining the user stories that describe the whole situation during a sprint session. They can remove emotions and personal attacks by deprioritising the backlogs determined from the user stories and focus on the important portions. 

    Techniques to help manage

    A UX Design work needs a lot of processes to be done and managed. In an Agile environment, the UX designers need to put all the moving pieces together. Every stage from user research, design, usability testing, meetings, to team collaboration should be closely monitored. 

    How to get more done in the same amount of time

    The best way to get more done in less time is by prioritising the work from the beginning. As Agile is teamwork, everyone should make sure they are all on the same page. With less disagreement, there will be more time to do productive discussions. 

    Creating a sprint calendar that works for you

    Create a sprint calendar separated from your other works. Design sprints are usually done for important projects. So, set your time apart for that individual project and make sure everyone else participating in the sprint is available during the selected time. Set up a sprint room, make sure there are no distractions, and ensure all the things needed for the sprint are available in the room. 

    For many UX designers, Agile is a challenging new concept. But if you face the challenge with the right mindset, you will find the process fascinating. The best part about Agile is that it is flexible, you can use the Agile principles to guide your team in your own standard of success.