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    Essentials Advice for Creating a Great eCommerce Experience

    25 November 2020

    Ecommerce marketing is the practice of using promotional tactics to increase brand awareness and increase traffic to an online store and converting those traffic into paying customers. 

    Every business nowadays needs to establish a strong online presence. Whether your company is a startup or already has reached the point where it needs to maintain a well-established customer base, it is extremely necessary to have a cultivated eCommerce experience. Many businesses, even after they have put together a basic eCommerce strategy, are indecisive about what business tactics they should use to increase traffic and conversion. 

    It is crucial to have an online presence that from the very beginning attracts customers, makes them stay and purchase. After all, you did not build an eCommerce site only to see it abundant. You want to make sales, take orders, and receive payments. In order to achieve these, you need to implement marketing tactics and tools. The followings are some ideas that you can apply to increase the conversion of your eCommerce store. 

    Products First, Design Second:

    The attractive design is extremely important for an online business. All businesses care about the appearance of their store to ensure that people feel comfortable while visiting. But while you are busy trying to create a visually pleasing website for your clients, do not overwhelm them with images and graphics. Work with a minimal yet elegant design to keep your site clean. You can pack your website with interesting images that call attention to the products. Your online store should be a pleasant place to visit but the focus should always be on the products. 

    Great User Experience:

    One of the most important things you should do as an eCommerce business is to give your customers the best user experience. It is not that hard to do. Simply make the website easy to navigate giving them all the information necessary to conduct a purchase. With all the information available on one website, your clients will not find the need to visit any other website which will make them spend more time on your site. It is a great conversion technique. Also, the more information they get, the more chance there is for them to come back to make another purchase. 

    Related Products:

    Giving customers suggestions for related products while they are looking for or purchasing a certain product can be a great way to better their eCommerce experience. Related products may be the same product in different sizes or colors or a different model of the same product or it may be an accessory that may fit with the product. It will allow customers to explore and add more items to their shopping charts, leading to increased sales. 

    Great Product Photos:

    Shopping online can be tricky. There are a lot of trust issues involved. Since the customers have no chance to touch or feel the products, they may be confused about the quality and function. To make this experience better, you can add some standard photos of the product from various perspectives, and sometimes with a visual tutorial of how it is used. With great photos, users will learn about the condition and function of the products, and the more they learn, the more they will purchase. 

    Take Advantage of a What a Premier WP Theme Can Offer:

    Finding the right WordPress theme to create a top-notch online store is extremely necessary. Building an online store can be a lot of work, but with the right theme, you can take off all the heavy lifting from your shoulder and focus on the more important things. Some popular themes that you can use our- Atelier, Shopkeeper, Enfold WordPress Theme, etc.


    The website that you create must be unique and stand out from the crowd of other similar online stores. But while trying to be distinctive, you must remember a few trends that you need to use for a better user experience. Remember to keep an eye on the trends most websites are following. They will work to enhance the user experience, which will lead to increased sales. 

    Mobile Optimized:

    Most people use smartphones nowadays to browse through sites. If your website is not created to be mobile-friendly, it can turn out to be a big problem. People finding it difficult to navigate your site from mobile will immediately leave the site and will never come back. It can pose the risk of losing more than half of your potential customer base. So, make your website mobile optimized. Responsive WordPress themes can be of great help. 

    Easy Checkout:

    The difficult checkout process can be annoying to customers. It is as disturbing as waiting in a long line. Checkout processes usually require more steps. But too many steps can drive the customers away. So, try to keep it as short and organized as possible. 

    Customer Reviews:

    Every online store needs a customer reviews page and option. This is a great way of letting the users know more about the experience of other customers using your products and taking your service. It will build trust and provide an opportunity for your customers to show how much they appreciate your business. 

    FAQ Pages:

    Customers usually have a lot of questions when they visit a page. Having one or two FAQ pages answering those common questions that everyone asks, may save a lot of trouble for the users and they will appreciate it. It will also save more time for you, as you do not need to answer these questions every time they are asked. 

    Fast Load Time:

    Any web page that takes more time than 3 seconds to load is a bad sign for a business. Check to make sure your website is fast and smooth before you launch it. Otherwise, the slow load time will drive the customers away.