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7 Essential Tips on How to Improve Your Website

A website’s appearance says a lot about the brand. The very first impression that your website creates on a visitor will decide whether or not they want to continue browsing. This first impression takes as little as 5 seconds to form, and with a messy website, there is very little chance that the visitors will stick. 

Although great design and useful contents are necessary for a website, factors like usability, and a functional design that compliments the contents are needed to make a website successful. Your website needs to communicate with your audience. It must have every information about your brand that a visitor or potential client may need to know. 

If you have a website that is not performing as well as it should be, here are a few tips that you can use to upgrade your website and make it rank top in the search engine result page.

Optimizing for Mobile

A mobile-friendly design is currently one of the very first things designers should think about before designing a website. More than 60 percent of web traffic worldwide is taken over by mobile site visits. Search engines like Google have announced the ranking of a website will be considered upon the factor of how well the website’s mobile version performs. 

To make your website mobile-friendly, you can use Responsive design, which needs only one set of HTML code. It is easy to build, maintain, and track, with no redirect involved, and most importantly preferred by Google. 

AMP for content and ads

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages serves contents to visitors at a lightning speed. It is a page separate from the website’s original page, that Google catches so visitors do not have to wait for their servers to load a full page. It is not a commonly used method. But if you are an e-commerce store owner, you can use this method on your website or create Google Ads.

Site speed

Slow sites are the enemy for e-commerce websites. If you have a slow loading site, you will lose both conversions and organic traffic along with being low in Google ranking. People expect fast results, and when they don’t get it, they bounce. 

You can compress all your images to improve the speed of your website. Larger image files create heavy loads that can slow your website down. Use browser caching tools so that it can remember to catch the previously loaded resources, and does not need to newly reload all the data. Remove the unnecessary data by fixing codes, formatting, deleting unused code, and shortening them whenever possible. 

Understand how Google crawls JavaScript

JavaScript is an important factor in building a website, as it provides multiple features that can turn your website into a powerful application platform. Instead of loading a large quantity of HTML from a server, the JS framework allows pages to be distributed from JavaScript. 

As long as you allow Google to render pages created with JavaScript. Without JavaScript rendering, a page looks like empty HTML tags to Google, with no content linking to the topic and quality that Google can see. 

Setting up international sites properly

Many brands are going international every day and building websites for different international territories. Although brands are going international to expand their business, many are not taking search optimization into consideration. 

Google is working on serving users the right content according to their country and language. So, by correctly implementing the internationalization, brands can reach organic traffic by serving contents that are targeted to their language and their land. Google has provided the meta tag ‘hreflang’ to help organic search marketers to get internationalization right. You can also use multiple languages with a default language targeted so Google can present it to the users of unspecified territory. 

Putting content into silos

Creating a site architecture where the key informational pages are in the same folders as the main service or category pages, helps improve organic rankings for core keywords. This technique is called “putting content into silos”. With the improvement of technology, this method is getting more user friendly and more effective. 

A well-made silo can improve organic performance for related keywords, as Google is always looking for sites that hold a good level of information even if they are not all on the same page. It also improves user experience. 

Reviewing your old content and strategies

Another great way to improve your website is to optimize the content that you already have. If you have a page ranking slightly low, you may add relevant media and update the contents to make it more successful. Keep your informational web pages up to date with the most relevant information.

To keep your top-level contents relevant, you need to employ this strategy, otherwise, it will lose its ranking on the search engine result page. You should always remember to factor the existing contents of your sites into your future site plan. Otherwise, all your effort will be wasted. 

While technical excellence is always important in building a successful website, other factors such as the speed and contents of your site are as important. In this day and age, having a successful website is one that addresses the core concern of your audience. 

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How Science can Settle Remote Work?

The year 2020 has brought many changes to our lives. One of these changes includes working from home being the new normal. Imagine being stuck at home amid the pandemic without having the opportunity to work! Well, science helped many of us keep this nightmare into a mere nightmare and not a reality.

But everything has its advantages and disadvantages. While remote work is considered a privilege, it can become pretty challenging as it leaves us open to many disruptions. Our beloved friend Science has provided some solutions to help us enjoy the privilege of working from home. Let’s see what those are-

Develop a Habit

The interesting thing is, when you have a structure in your work, it will become easier for you to focus. If you build a habit of creating a map of the works you do and repeat consistently, you will find it much easier to deal with. Try to do things exactly as you do when you are in the office. It will create an appropriate environment for work.

To avoid additional disruption, you can keep a fixed amount of time in your schedule for those extra tasks. Also, remember to select a dedicated workstation for all your office work. This way you will be able to develop a mindset for work and have enough time to do personal tasks.  

Look the Part

Working from home clearly sounds like you will have the comfort of our home while working. But this does not justify if you decide to work with our pajamas on. To be taken seriously as a professional (even by your own self) you need to look like a professional. This means wearing clean and ironed clothes, shaving, and showering. It will give you a fresh feel helping you to focus more on work

Socialize, Even when you are Distant

Being home alone can become boring at times. Having a structured conversation once in a while with our co-workers will not only help you cheer up but also benefit the work you are doing. You can always have groups in Google meet and have a meeting once in a while to discuss work progress. It will relieve the feeling of loneliness and boost company morale.

Health is Everything

In the current situation, most of us are thinking about our health choices and the consequences it may bring. Social distancing measures are making it difficult to move from one place to another. But that does not mean you can not move from our chair. Every once in a while try to get up and stretch our legs. Try to have some healthy options on your menu and take a lot of fluid. It will keep your energy up.

In these troubled times, we can consider remote work as a blessing. With the right measures backed upped by science, working from home can be as much productive as working from an office if not more.

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5 Reason Why You Need a Great Design Mentor?

How to find good design mentor

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Why Clients Review is Important for Freelancer Career

The internet has brought many opportunities for businesses and individuals. We are now able to shop using only the tip of our fingers. Most businesses are now taking this opportunity and using their websites to market their products and services.

This is making competition between businesses more fierce. Customers, on the other hand, get confused when they have too many options. So, they are relying on the words of other customers to make their decisions. 

Research says that around 88% of the customers consider online reviews as trustworthy as the recommendations from their friends. Reviews add a personal touch to the process of marketing. People trust reviews and testimonials much more than any other words written on the business website.

Reviews Build Credibility

Businesses need credibility and integrity to sustain long-term growth. Your business may have a huge number of customers at the beginning, and the absence of credibility can lose them. In order to sustain the existing customers and gain new customers, your website needs true positive reviews.

Customers search for reviews to check the credibility of a business. A business that has a good number of positive reviews, and one or two negative reviews, it means that the business has already established credibility. 

Negative reviews can also help the business in a few ways. Having negative reviews can help you figure out what may be wrong with your business and allow you to fix the issues. By doing this, a business can set examples of having good customer reviews, and gain more credibility.

Reviews Help Your SEO

Reviews are unique content. These contents have more crawlability to the search engine bots. A good review will have multiple mentions of your brand name. More mention of your brand name will make it more relevant in the search engine result. Good reviews are great for a better ranking in search engines. 

Reviews Help Connect you with Your Customers

Reviews are a great opportunity to connect with customers. It builds an emotional bond between customers and businesses. Customers like to revisit the websites of brands they favored and have a good relationship with. Asking for reviews or after-sales customer service establishes trust and credibility. Reviews are undeniably one of the best ways of increasing customer engagement. 

Online reviews are the most powerful tool any business can employ to increase sales and hold their old customers. It is a great way of showing the customers that they are involved with your business. 

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8 Useful Tips to Quickly Improve Your UI Designs

User Interface or UI design creates a way for users to interact with software, mobile apps, websites, and other digital devices. UI design needs to be continuously improved in order to offer the best user experience to the clients. With a creative and innovative team, you can explore limitless possibilities of UI and UX designs, and offer your clients the best technology for their apps and websites. 

It takes time to create attractive, and efficient UI designs, especially when many design revisions have to be done along the way. But, what’s amazing is that sometimes a simple twist in the design can change its appearance and user-friendliness. Here, we will discuss a few of those tips, that can change your UI design to make everyone happy with very little effort. 

Lighten up your texts

Sometimes, heavy and dark-colored texts can be hard to read and put pressure on viewers’ eyes. Even a regular weight typeface can look heavy to certain people. Try to use lighter colors like dark gray instead of black to make the content easier on the eyes. 

The smaller the font size, the more generous the line-height

To maintain clarity and readability of the text, keep a proportionate line height. For example, if you decrease the font size, you need to increase the line height for better and increased lucidity. The same goes for the increased font sizes, the bigger the font size is, the smaller-line height it needs. 

Choose a Base Colour and Add Uniformity

The simplest design is always the most charming one. You do not need myriads of colors to make your design alluring. Only one base color with a hue of shades can add consistency to your design in the simplest way. 

Establish Hierarchy

Establishing hierarchy is one of the fundamental features to make distinctions between the most important features from the ones that are not. Adjust the font sizes, weights, colors, and positioning. Try not to use only one method to establish hierarchy, for example, if you decide to only increase the font size for important texts, you will find viewers who confuse them with texts that take too much space. 

Maintain Consistency in Visual Style

Make the visual styles of icons consistent. Otherwise, they will look unpleasant to the users. Ensure that they maintain the same style. Weight and outlining. Don’t try to mix and match.

Always make ‘Call to Action’ the most prominent item on the screen

Your ‘Call to Action is the one thing you want your viewers to see the most. To make it more visible to them, you need to make it to strike out. Use the color contrast, size, and text labels to make it more visible. Do not rely solely on icons. 

Add an extra visual aid to your Form Errors

While filling out their forms, users will make errors. Adding an extra message to specify the error will make it easier for them to detect the mistake. This simple action can be helpful and more meaningful to the users.

Give Prominence to the most frequently used action in a Menu

Make sure to give priority to the most repeatedly used actions in the menu of your forms. For example, if the most frequently used action of your form is the “upload image” section, put it above all other options and highlight it. 

UI designs can change a lot in your business. A good UI design does not just happen, it has to be done in a systematic way. Creativity and a few simple changes can change the scenario of your website or application.

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8 Common Mistakes to Avoid in UI Design

Have you ever found yourself opening a website and finding it difficult to browse through the website? It is probably because the website doesn’t have a strong user interface design. User interface design is the programming of the look of things in a website facilitating usability and improved user experience. 

User interface design can bring the difference between a successful application and the one that fails to make an impact on the users. It works on both the outer layer of a design and the placement of an element on the design. It is everything a user can see in an app or a website. 

Before starting to make User Interface Design, you must know some common and not-so-common mistakes that designers make while making designs, that can leave bad impacts on the users:

Poor Use of Colors

Choosing the right color is extremely important while designing the user interface. A designer must keep in mind that color portrays meaning. While choosing the colors for your design, keep in mind what type of company you are designing for, their brand and audience. You should also keep in mind people with visual deficiencies while making color choices. Avoid using too many colors for one app. Try to limit your design between two or three main colors and always remember to use the color of the same color code for the same functions. 

Too Many Words

Do not overwhelm your audience with too much text with too many texts. While using words is one of the best ways of communicating, too much can intimidate users. Most of the visitors leave websites when they see too many words. Others, who try to read get bored eventually and leave. So, try to convey your meaning with as little words as possible. Use more visuals and fewer texts. Remember to use headings, subheadings, and bullets along with the graphics. 

Forgetting About Other Devices

People nowadays do not stick to one device. Some use multiple devices according to conveniences. Most people, especially the young ones, use their smartphones to access the web. Newbie designers often forget or do not want to spend money to design mobile-optimized user interfaces for their apps. It can result in a decrease in the number of users. So, when you are designing a user interface for an app, remember to make it in a way that is accessible from all devices. 

Carousels/ Paginated Lists

Carousels and paginated lists are number one in the annoyance list in many people's website experiences. Research says that carousels decrease the conversion rate nine out of ten times. Which is huge! People do not like to click every time they want to see a new item. If you need to use them, give them the option for a One Page view.

Poor Performance

People do not have the time for slow loading and glitches. Check very carefully if any element or any part of your website has slow load time or if they appear glitchy. Competition is high nowadays. If any problem appears while loading a part of your page, you will lose the audience. It will remind people that they are interacting digitally rather than personally. This makes them lose trust on your website, which will decrease the conversion rate from your website. 

Irritating and Complicated Navigation

A good UI design should flow with no difficulties. People should be able to navigate back and forth the website according to their will. Making the process complicated will only frustrate them. Users will bounce when they find a website difficult to learn or navigate. Make the website easy to breeze through the website and understand the point you are trying to make. 

Bad Form

Make sure that all the forms in your website are easy to fill and bug-free. Add numbers or timeline if you have a form with several steps. Go over and over the form to see if there is any bug. Remove unnecessary fields. Users get easily annoyed when they see a form with bugs. 

No Feedback

Keep your users interested. As we said before, you should make websites that are fast loading. But what if somehow it loads a bit slowly? You can always add some feedback for them to keep them engaged. Give them something to read, or an animation to watch. Feedback is important for every action a user takes. Let them know that they have successfully taken an action, even when they click on something, scroll down or wait for a page to load, inform them. It will increase interaction. 

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Offshore Strategies For Fintech Companies – Ofspace LLC

Fintech is changing the traditional way of banking and financial services. The offshore space has flexible corporate structures, simple taxation, appropriate regulation, robust infrastructure, and sophisticated legal systems which are extremely important for a successful development structure of fintech businesses. 

International Payment Processor

To start a payment processor, you probably need to partner with a corresponding bank, which is not easy to get. Many fintech companies are doing offshore business and blockchain for which several countries offer special banking licenses. It will help your company to partner with an established processing company to gain the experience that you need to build your reputation. 

Money Transmitter Licensing

Obtaining money transmitter licenses can be a hard task. But not all fintech businesses need a money transmitter license. Only if you are someone who needs to touch money as part of the business model it is necessary that you have a money transmitter license. To get a money transmitter license, you can partner up with another company, have your own license or have an agreement where exemption is provided.

Initial Coin Offering

Initial coin offering is a way to raise funds for companies by creating a new coin, app, or service. Interested investors can buy the offerings and receive new cryptocurrency tokens. More people are leaning towards it because it looks like an easy way to raise a large amount of money. Companies need to make sure that the types of the offering are perfect and the token has to make sense to the company and be appealing to the investors. 

Offshore Banking Licensing

Offshore banking is legal and can bring many benefits if it is done correctly. Dominica, Cayman, and Lithuania are some of the best jurisdictions where you can get a license for a startup offshore bank.

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How to Facilitate a Successful Remote Workshop

The year 2022 has changed the world that we have always known. People cannot go out as much as they would like to, and offices have to employ work from home policies. With the new policies of working from home, remote design thinking workshops have become a necessity. 

Design thinking workshops bring values by collaboration and facilitate communication to gather ideas. An accurately prepared workshop can bring insightful thinking to the team and generate innovative ideas. 

For many people, facilitating remote workshops is a new concept. We are used to the idea of working with our clients and coworkers shoulder-to-shoulder in conference rooms and office corners, understanding their perspectives, feelings, and actions. But working from the home situation has presented a bit of challenge to get together with colleagues and clients. 

To get the best outcome of their time, designers are looking for virtual workshop best practices that can help them run successful design workshops remotely. Here are a few practices to follow while hosting design workshops remotely:

Planning a design workshop

The first step of facilitating any workshop is to plan the events carefully. You need to make sure the workshop is not too long. Around 1-2 hours will be enough for a day. Otherwise fighting fatigue and ensuring engagement will be difficult. Another important thing is to know the number of participants. It will help you plan the activities carefully, and for larger groups, you may need to arrange multiple facilitators. 

There are multiple tools available online to ensure successful remote workshops. You can use Mural, Miro, Stormboard, etc software for whiteboards, and built-in tools for generating ideas on post-it notes, posting images, capturing notes, timekeeping, and dot voting. Encourage the participants to share videos for better collaboration and interaction. You can also use two monitors, one for chat windows and another for the presentation. 

Methods for engaging participants

Remote workshops are extremely high-maintenance. It is easy to lose people’s attention along the way, as they have more options to get distracted and disengaged. You need to focus on giving them special attention to keep the participants engaged. Here are a few tips:

  • Always Arrive Early: As a host, try to dial in at least 10 minutes before the workshop starts. This way, you can ensure all the tools work perfectly and the necessary documents are ready to run the workshop smoothly. 

  • Set a Few Ground Rules: If most of your participants are new to remote workshops, you need to set up some basic rules to maintain coherence. For example, you can ask them all to turn their videos on and mute the microphones of the ones who are not speaking.

  • Have Ice-breakers: People usually like to chat when they are not working. In video conferences this option is not available, so make sure you give people enough time to warm up first. 

  • Call People by Name: During remote workshops, you do not have the advantages of observing body language to understand the order of conversation. You can easily solve this by calling people by their names. It will keep them more engaged and clarify the order of speaking. 

  • Open and Close Well: Be deliberate about opening with a mental frame for your participants to understand the purpose, engage, and put the desired output to the workshop. Similarly, while wrapping up, make sure to close with a brief of what was done and the outcomes that have been achieved. 

  • Communicate Properly: Communication can be a major issue in remote settings. Make sure you communicate enough to build more focus and engagement. If necessary repeat important information over and over. Make sure everyone is following along. 

Ending Remote Design Workshop

Once the workshop is done, get feedback from the participants to identify what can be improved. The best part of remote workshops is that you do not need to take pictures of every board. You can just save them on a cloud-based application for later and that’s it. You can use the time to take notes on the feedback that you get, which is important. 

Facilitating a remote workshop is not a difficult job if you know the proper things to do. You need to remember that in-person workshops and remote workshops are two different things. Rules that can make one successful can bring trouble for another. So, a careful adjustment to the approaches can bring the best possible outcome. 

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3 Things UX Designers Can Learn From Industrial Design

The industrial design emerged with the modernization of craftsmanship and since then, industrial designers have been focusing on the problems of manufacturability and safety. Industrial designers have long been working on the same issues that UX designers are struggling within this era. Many methods used in the design of physical tools are employed in the digital world, more specifically, in the field of UX design. 

The split between physical and digital design is a historical accident

UX designers will often find themselves using various skills and approaches directly from the field of industrial design. As there are a number of overlapped skills and approaches, UX designers will find skills and approaches that they can learn from industrial designers. 

UX design and industrial designs are the two halves of product design. Industrial design has been used in computing since the 1960s and ‘70s. But when Douglas Englebart’s oN-Line System and Xerox’s Alto designed a prototype with an intimate connection between hardware and software, they failed to move enough units in the cash register. In the late 2000s, Apple found a way to reunite industrial design and UX. Now, this idea is used by many other companies to create “smart” products. 

Data is a material just like any other

What designers should know about data is that it is just like any other material that has qualities that can create new products. Designers need to understand the particular sets of data have qualities that can sculpt, it has breaking points and a context where it has unexpected uses. They can experiment with data, to understand its qualities. Experiencing industrial design will allow people to examine the design and think about a solution. 

Hybrid design labs will become the new normal

Organizations will take hybrid approaches to find opportunities in networks and physical things. With a strong partnership with clients, designers will be able to move back and forth across the barriers between these two disciplines. 

With the combination of digital and physical designs, teams can create strong and successful products. They can switch back and forth to learn the pros and cons of both disciplines and make the right choice. 

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