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    Collaboration – it is not that Difficult!

    4 January 2021

    Collaboration is a crucial leadership ability that many organizations prefer while choosing a leader. Although many people do not understand the significance of collaboration due to the fact that industry cultures celebrate and elevate individuals, it is important for the growth of a team. 

    As the number of remote teams is increasing, it is becoming more and more difficult to collaborate between employees. Most people do not learn teamwork at schools, and they find it easier to work separately rather than working with a team.

    The thing is, everyone is in a team when they are working. Companies nowadays prefer their employees to work together as a group on a project rather than working independently. This culture is admirable, as it connects the workers. 

    But, as most people do not have the necessary skills and training to work together, it can become more of a problem than bringing a solution. 

    Here are a few tips that can make collaboration more effective for workers who have no experience of working together with a team-

    Set a Common Goal

    The target of a team is to achieve a shared goal. It is the most important part of a collaborative project. When you collaborate, ensure that everyone you select to be on your team is on the same page. Discuss the long-term goal with the team and share the works. 

    Set Expectations

    While working with a team, it is important that you set a specific set of responsibilities for each individual and set a deadline for them. Let them know what responsibilities lie on them and who they can count on for support. Ensure that there is a reporting time for each individual once the task is over. 

    Use Technology

    Technical tools are helpful for collaboration, especially nowadays when many teams are collaborating online. Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Evernote, etc can help your team maintain teamwork easily and effectively.

    Share More

    Always remember that you are working as a team. Teams are supposed to work together. It is normal to have a disagreement with another team member. But holding back your feelings will only turn into a grudge. Any clash of opinion or issues regarding work should be immediately addressed, otherwise, it will be impossible to be on the same page. Also, people love transparency, it will help them think that they are included.

    Team Meetings

    Team meetings are important for collaboration. It allows team members to share their experiences and issues. Set an agenda for the meeting beforehand. Do not make it too long, otherwise, it will hamper productivity. 

    Collaboration may seem difficult for those who have no early experience. But once you learn the techniques to make collaboration work, you will find it easier and more efficient in terms of getting work done.