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    3 Types Of Images That Work Best On The Web

    3 November 2020

    In web designing, images and photos aren’t just used for beauty. They are the means of visual communication. They are crucial to building up the usability of any website. Most people are visually driven, pictures are the first thing they perceive when they visit a website. Images carry not only messages but also particular aesthetics. They represent the companies and are used to positively influence website SEO ranking.

    For web design, there is no one type of image. You can use several different types of images simultaneously to achieve the desired results. People usually use three different types of images in visual storytelling: iconic images, symbolic images, and indexical images.

    Iconic images

    We all see these types of images around us. They are the ones that are easily recognizable and are strongly associated with the concept. Consider you see the symbol of an envelope on a website. The first thing that will come to your mind is email. These icons are so literal that anyone, even the people who have never seen the icons before would be able to figure out what they mean. Diagrams, charts, scientific illustrations, or any other simplified forms of physical things fall under iconic images. 

    Symbolic images

    Symbolic images can be considered as the metaphor of visuals. They are more abstract than concrete. Rather than presenting a general idea of things, symbolic images reinforce the feelings a brand wants to convey. You can take company logos for example of symbolic images. They are not what you understand instantly. It can be perceived differently depending on the cultural context. To interpret these types of symbolic images correctly, you need to learn the meaning. 

    Indexical images

    Indexical images are the most commonly used images in advertising. They make a link between the image’s appearance and its representation. It is a good way of evoking emotions. For example, to evoke happiness in your customers, you can either use a picture of a person smiling or you can use a cute picture of a kitten. One of them shows literal happiness and the other evokes emotional happiness among the viewers. 

    All these types of images have their own places in a good design, depending on the parameter of the project.