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    Why Clients Review is Important for the Freelancer Career?

    20 June 2021

    We all look for assurance before deciding to buy a product or service. Businesses nowadays exist on customer reviews. What your customers have to say about your service sets the ultimate standard for your business. Especially in a freelancing business, client reviews and recommendations can be a surefire way to chase new clients.

    Remote business or freelancing is already difficult. Having to secure new clients while there is no direct connection is tough. Most clients will receive a number of bids once they post a job offer. They will want to ensure that they chose someone reliable from these numbers of bids they receive. The reviews and testimonials you have will work as the track record of your professionalism and client satisfaction.

    Clients check for the credibility of a freelancer through the reviews posted by their previous clients. Sites like GrabStar will help you ask for reviews and ratings from clients without any difficulty. The number of positive reviews for your business will help you uphold your reputation in this competitive industry. It will improve your working relationship with clients. Reviews are also important to understand whether you are doing a good job that satisfies clients or if there is an issue with your work that needs to be resolved.

    Clients usually look for the quality of the overall projects a freelancer has done along with his reputation and work ethic. GrabStar allows you to ask clients to review your works using the following system:

    Reviews and Feedback

    The reviews and feedback clients provide after a project is delivered show the satisfaction level of a client. GrabStar provides you the option to ask for reviews when you send the invoice of a completed project to the client. Their reviews and feedback will exhibit how seriously you take your work. Feedback with suggestions to improve is also a great help if you aim to progress.

    Overall Rating

    Every freelancer GrabStar profile will include the overall rating. Clients looking to hire freelancers can check the credibility of a freelancer through this overall rating which they will find just under the name and profession of the profile.

    Freelancers often feel hesitant to ask for reviews and feedback from clients. You need to remember that just because a client did not outrightly compliment your work doesn’t mean that they are not satisfied. Bad feedback is also a part of the improvement. So, no matter what your review is, as long as it is authentic and you work towards betterment, clients will reach you.