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    What Makes A Good Logo?

    30 September 2020

    A logo is a symbol or a sign that companies use to create a unique identity for themselves. It is one of the aspects of a company’s commercial branding and economic entity. A logo has to be strikingly different from other company logos in shape, colors, fonts, and images so that it can be immediately recognizable. The design of a logo has to motivate trust, loyalty, and admiration. A good logo conveys a company owner’s intended message. So, what qualities are needed to make a good logo? 

    Here are six principles that a company can use to ensure that their logo is unique, practical, appropriate, graphic while still being simple: 

    Inconsistent Design

    We all know consistency and repetition is a way of attracting customers. But inconsistency can be a great way to draw the attention of the crowd. Many well-known companies with popular logos like Coca Cola, Dell, Kellogg’s use inconsistency in their brand logos. The key is to know when it is ok to band the rules. 


    Simple logos are the ones that people remember the most. If you want people to remember your company logo by seeing it once, it is best that you create a logo that is simple. Because simple logos are the most memorable, recognizable, and versatile. Keep it simple yet exceptional.


    The purpose of a logo is to be inside people’s mind without much effort. It must be impactful. Keep the logo simple and appropriate so it can capture the viewer’s attention and leave an impression.


    An effective logo stays in the mind of the viewers for years. Make the logo in a way that can still be inside the mind of a viewer after 10, 20, or even 50 years. 


    Logos represent companies in various media. Make sure to make the logo in vector format, so it can scale to any size. Explore all the possibilities that can change the effects of the logo and familiarize yourself with the commercial printing process. A well-designed logo must look equally good on web applications and printed materials.


    A great logo should be relevant and appropriate. The fonts, colors, and positioning should be appropriate to its intended audience.