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    Ways to Easily Repurpose Your Content

    13 October 2020

    Repurposing content is self-explanatory. To repurpose content, you can either change the format of a piece of content or you can change the target audience so that the content can serve a different purpose. Many confuse ‘repurposing’ with ‘revamping’. But they are not the same. While ‘revamping’ is updating content with the same motive it was created, ‘repurposing’ is changing the content format or target audience or both for the sake of a distinct purpose. 

    Repurposing content can be beneficial in many ways. You can reach several new audiences by repurposing content. Some audiences prefer visual infographics and podcasts over text contents and ebooks. Repurposing your text contents into video or podcast will help you reach users who would not have been interested in the current format of your content. You can also bring out your old favorite content and change the format to make it look new and in the front.

    There are many ways through which you can easily repurpose your content. Here are a few of them: 

    Turn a blog post into an ebook/guide or vice versa

    When you have a series of blog posts, all from the same field, you can put all of them together to make an ebook or a guide that you can promote across your blog. Having a neat, organized, and easy to follow ebook or a user guide will increase the re-reading value of your content. 

    You can also do the opposite by breaking down a lengthy reference book into short blogs and articles to make reading easy for the users. 

    Create a round-up post

    Another simple way of repurposing your posts by creating a new post by adding the links of your most popular articles and then share the post. The round-up post is a great way of revisiting old posts and sharing them all with a different audience base. 

    Turn a blog article into an infographic

    If you have a text content that can be shown visually, you can create an infographic to repurpose that content. Creating a good infographic can be challenging. It has to be original and good-looking while being informative and scientifically valid. A well-crafted infographic will get the attention of the audience. Also, you do not need designers to make these infographics. There are plenty of tools that you can use to make those. 

    Turn a blog article or web page into a short video

    People nowadays are more interested in visuals rather than reading. Repurposing your blog’s articles or web pages into video content will help you reach a lot of new audiences. You can break your lengthy posts into sections and make short videos and publish on Youtube and other similar platforms. 

    Convert a blog into a content upgrade

    You can upgrade your long pieces of contents into PDF versions, cheat sheets, checklists, list of resources or templates and use them as gated contents. The bonus point of this content upgrade process is that you can generate leads by providing valuable information through your content in exchange for the audience’s name, email address, etc. 

    Repurpose a blog into multiple guest posts

    You can easily repurpose a blog into multiple guest posts for other websites. Guest posting nowadays is a popular marketing method. Rather than coming up with a completely new idea for blog posts, you can easily use your expertise to repurpose content from existing blogs. You only need to reformat the posts so that they are original, as they are to be posted on other websites. 

    Turn a blog post into a new article on Medium

    Medium is a popular platform for guest posting and sharing content. For bloggers who are just starting, Medium can be a great place to share their content on. You can post new and original posts as well as your previously published posts on Medium. Because of its tremendous viewership, Medium is the perfect way to reach new audiences. 

    Transform Your Content into a Valuable Email Series

    Any good content contains valuable information, tips, and tricks, hacks, and strategies that need to be shared with the world. Repurposing content brings the opportunity to share articles with a wide variety of audiences. You can break down your blog posts or articles into a series of emails and send them to the readers. It also works as a great opportunity to collect email addresses from audiences. All you have to do is create a drip campaign for automatically sending emails to your visitors and set the number of days to send them. 

    Update past blog posts and repromote

    Along with posting new content, you can update your old articles and blog posts and repromote them like you promote your new content. It is an excellent way to grow your search traffic. 

    Turn blog headers, statistics, and quotes into Twitter posts

    You can write micro-blogs where you will be able to write a lot of things within a few words or sometimes even with images and post on twitter to promote your blogs or articles. The same information can be written in many different ways in different posts with different headers, statistics, or quotes from the article. A well- designed statistic and infographic can catch the eyes of readers and will increase the shareability of the posts. 

    Transform the Quora Q&A into Valuable Blog Post

    Repurposing content does not necessarily mean you have to repurpose your own website. You can take questions and answers you have written from sites like Quora and transform them into a full-length article or blog. 

    Turn a webinar into a presentation or SlideShare

    You can repurpose a webinar into a SlideShare by following these few steps. First, make a presentation using Powerpoint, Google Slides, Keynote. Then upload it in SlideShare. SlideShare will turn the presentation into a slide deck that people can watch.

    Turn a webinar into a YouTube video or blog post

    Webinars are done at a specific time. Not everyone will be able to manage time to join a webinar. You will find many interesting audiences who could not attend webinars in time despite being interested. What you can do is take the webinar and make some short videos and upload them on Youtube. Or you can take screenshots from the webinar and make a slideshow presentation to describe your topic. You can also make an article or blog post describing the topic. 

    Create a Pinterest board from infographics

    Pinterest is another popular way of reaching audiences. If your content is visual, you can create a board on Pinterest and showcase them. A DIY website can create a board of ‘How to’ with visual instructions. Similarly, you can post information and eye-catching infographics on Pinterest to attract audiences.  

    Write a blog article based on video content

    If you have a series of video contents you can repurpose them by transcribing and reforming them into blog posts and articles. 

    Turn a blog post into a podcast (or vice versa)

    People like to listen. There are still a huge number of people who like to listen to podcasts regularly. You may be missing a lot by not making podcasts for your website. You will be able to reach a huge number of audiences by repurposing your old content into podcasts. It is also very simple to make. You can just read the blog post and record it to make the podcast. Make sure to maintain high technical quality. People will always come back to the podcasts that they like. 

    By repurposing content you will be able to save time, reach new audiences, and get the highest value of content.