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    Tips to Enhance Tangibility in UX!

    17 February 2021

    Websites nowadays are an essential element for the advancement of businesses. To leave a lasting impression on customers, businesses are taking various ways to embellish their websites. To create a positive user experience for the users, entrepreneurs are spending a substantial amount of time and resources. 

    The products your business sells are not limited to the goods or services, it includes the contents you establish to interact with your customers and increase engagement. User experience or UX design institutes a way to lead the visitors of a website through the whole process of the business. It shows them what you want them to see and understand the buying method.

    To improve the embodiment of a product UX, it is important to arrange the plan carefully. Here are a few tips that can help you enhance the UX of your website:

    Design Well Known Interfaces:

    People tend to avoid things that they are not familiar with. But that does not mean everything on your website has to be recognizable to everyone. There will always be contents that the users find confusing. To avoid a negative user experience in this scenario, you can create separate groups in your website’s interface according to the skill levels of the users. 

    Figure Out Valuable Content and Features:

    Determine what is the most prominent feature of your website. What action do you want your users to take? Design hierarchy is important when it comes to UX. Your website visitors must get a hint of what steps you want them to take next. By figuring out what the most valuable contents and features of your website are, you can take approaches that work best.

    Supply Visual Feedback:

    User testing is necessary when it comes to improving UX. You can take visual feedback from real users by carefully watching and listening to the users narrate what they feel about the website. This will allow you to know where there might be trouble. 

    Use Animation to Direct User Attention:

    Animations, if incorporated at the right time in the right place can turn out to be a delight to the users, enhancing the UX of your website. It is no longer just an element of delight, it has become an essential tool to increase interaction. Good UI animations are meaningful and functional. They are the best elements to direct user attention to where you want it.

    Be Careful With Gestures:

    Gestures have been around for a long time now. While it does have its advantages because of its fun features, easy-to-learn system, and larger screen spaces, it also comes with a few disadvantages. Designers often thoughtlessly copy design techniques and patterns used in various other apps causing the same design problems over and over. On the other hand, using unfamiliar patterns in basic gestural concepts can cause usability problems for the users. So, as a designer, you must figure out where to take a different path and when to go with the flow. 

    Size UI elements appropriately:

    To make your design look good and credible, you need to proportion the elements appropriately. It can be a text block or an image, resizing the contents in the perfect size is crucial. You can start with the basic unit of the 8-megapixel grid, and later move towards a larger or smaller size according to your design. 

    Provide Visual Affordances:

    Affordance is the attribute of an object that shows the users what they are supposed to do. Users should understand what actions they are supposed to take without instructions. 

    Provide Visual Cues:

    Visual cues seem obvious to people directed to call-to-action. They exist to make the user experience better. Visual cues have several advantages including increasing conversion rate and achieving specific goals. Providing various cues like arrows can help users to turn their eyes to the direction you need them to look at. 

    There are many techniques you can use to build an attractive UI. Creating a good user interface is necessary for increased engagement. Using the above tips will help you build an interface with an enhanced user experience.