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    Tips For Selecting The Right Clients For Your Agency

    4 November 2020

    Choosing the right client can be challenging. It is almost like choosing who to be friends with or whom to choose as your business partner. You may think you can work with any client who has expressed a need that your agency may be able to fulfill. But if you do not filter potential clients, you may end up with clients who are the wrong fit and can damage your image and reputation with other potential clients. 

    Before determining who to choose as your target client and who to work with, you should invoke some criteria like a shared mission, values, and mutual respect. Here are a few tips you can follow to select your clients:

    Don’t Change your Culture

    Choosing clients who fit with your company culture is important. Most agencies have the experience of dealing with clients who are wrong fits. They can be mean and aggressive. They will get your employees frustrated and leave them reluctant to pick up their phone calls. It will break the collaborative nature of your company. Finally, the client will leave a bad review or referrals for your agency which can take your business backward. 

    Ensure Your Goals Are Shared

    When you have shared goals, your clients will feel like true partners. Work with clients where your opportunities are equally beneficial. When you both have the same interest in heart, the works will be done with care. Otherwise, no matter how big the brand name is, working without a shared goal will only lead to nothing. 

    Choose Clients Who Aren’t Afraid To Let You Do Your Best Work

    At times, you will get clients who want you to work only for money. They don’t usually care about how you work. They have a lack of vision on their part, which can affect the works you do for them and thus your reputation. Before choosing clients to seek out the ones with innovative and creative ideas. With these clients, you can enhance your agency’s creativity and effectiveness. So, seek out the ones who will let you grow with them.

    Never Compromise On Quality Clients

    The quality of your clients can heavily influence the quality of your service. Even if you get the offer to represent a prominent agency, ask yourself first if you would use their products. If you do not find their product useful yourself, you will not be able to do a good job representing them. Stay true to yourself and choose the clients whom you feel proud to work with.

    Believe In The Value Of The Brands You Represent

    As a creative agency, you will get the opportunity to represent many client companies. But before you decide to represent a client brand, ask yourself if you are genuinely excited to work with them. Do you really believe in their values? If not, it is probably wise not to work with them. Because the key to running an authentic business is to be real about your concern for the clients. Faking it does not bring good results. 

    Play To Your Strengths

    Before deciding to start working on a client project, know what your agency’s core strength is. Don’t try to do everything that comes in front of you. While it is good to grab an opportunity, doing something outside your expertise may turn out to be mediocre and can ruin your reputation. So, work on projects that you can confidently do. 

    Be True To Your Values

    Before you choose a client to work with, check if their vision matches yours. If the prospective client does not fit with your core values, you will not be able to engage well with them. Seek the clients who share the same vision you have. It will motivate you to create the best quality works for them.

    Work With Clients Who Value And Respect Your Crafts

    Choose to work with clients who understand the values of your agency. Having a mutual understanding of values and vision will bring the best outcome because you both will be focusing on the end goal rather than having to justify every single step.