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    Things Your Homepage Must Have for Effective Marketing

    22 November 2020

    The homepage of your website is the first place where the potential users will land in. It is an essential tool for your business as it often serves as the first impression of your brand. We all know how important first impressions are. Research shows that it only takes 8 seconds for a user to decide whether they want to stay on your website or to move on. So, your homepage has to be designed in an eye-catching way which will make the users stay on your website for longer and explore. 

    There are many important components of an effective website that can ensure that potential customers have a great experience while visiting the site. Following are a few components that you must incorporate in your website homepage for effective marketing: 

    Great Headlines:

    Headlines need to be powerful, concise, and memorable in a way that catches the eyes of the viewers within a matter of seconds. Within a few words, it has to provide the viewers with a clear understanding of what your business provides. 

    Social Media Links

    Social media is a critical part of any marketing strategy. Providing links to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumbler, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, etc will provide your business with an opportunity to increase customer engagement. It not only will allow your audience to connect with your business easily but also boost your SEO. The best place to put social media icons in the header and footer of your website page. 

    Easy Navigation

    Straightforward and effortless navigation should be installed in the header of any website. Unless the website only consists of one page, the visitors will need a menu to move around. The menu should be easy to locate by new visitors so they can locate the information they are looking for without much effort. 

    Call to Action is Vital

    The goal of a website homepage is to attract visitors, make them browse through the site, and convert them into customers. So, design your homepage in a way that the visitors get a clear idea of what action to take just by visiting your page. Before designing calls to action, be clear about the actions you want your users to take. You can add CTA buttons to pages with forms and other pages to provide more information. The easier you make the CTA to your visitors, the better chance there is that they will take time to browse your website. 

    Your Contact Information

    You must make sure to provide the basic contact information of your business. It can be in the footer of the website where it will be easy to find. The basic information should include directions, opening hours, phone number,s and email addresses. It is also important to provide your viewers with a convenient way of contacting your business other than phone calls or emails. It can be through conversational marketing chatbots where an AI will answer the questions of potential customers. 

    Profiling Video

    Having a quick introductory video on your homepage with the view of your office, introducing your team, explaining your business and its goal is an effective way of engaging new visitors. 


    Testimonials are social proofs that stimulate trust and establish your business expertise. Your homepage should inspire trust in your visitors. Having testimonials provides a key insight into your product and services and shows your users you are good at what you are doing. 

    Quality Images

    People are visual. People prefer to see visually appealing images. Incorporating images makes the homepage of a website attract and connect more people to the website. Avoid stock images unless they are absolutely necessary and use real pictures. They create a sense of credibility and integrity. 

    Link it to Your Blog

    Blogs can be excellent mediums to communicate with your potential clients, gain more followers and increase traffic on your website. Content marketing plays a great role in SEO. By linking the homepage of your website to the blog posts, people visiting your blogs from the search engine result page will check your website if they like it. 

    List Your Awards

    Your awards and certifications speak a lot about your quality and expertise. So, do not miss the opportunity to showcase the awards from your homepage for the existing and potential clients to see.