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    The Top Reasons Design Sprints are so Popular Right Now

    27 September 2020

    The design sprint is one of the most popular topics nowadays for innovation and problem-solving. It is a highly effective method of validating ideas through discussion, prototyping, and user testing in just five days. The word sprint may sound intense, but it is actually a fun way of approaching a product challenge. 

    Design Sprint is a tried and tested method. Companies all over the world are using this formula to quickly gather insights on users, prototype ideas, and validate them. By following each day’s agenda, you can easily untangle the messiness of ambiguity to have a productive week. It can shorten the meaningless discussions and leave time for the important ones. 

    Here are a few reasons for which design sprints are so popular right now: 

    Results in 5 Days

    Everyone is busy nowadays. Many people juggle work every day. Setting aside five days just for one project may seem overwhelming. But by doing a design sprint, you will find out that these five days were the most productive and innovative. Design sprints work best for projects that are complex and take longer to solve otherwise. 

    If you have a project that is taking months to be completed, you will find that the compressed timeline of the design sprint will bring back the energy and velocity. If you and your team focus on their full concentration on a sprint, you will find that you have achieved a month’s worth of productivity. You will find answers to complex design questions that could have taken months to solve in these five days. 

    Hear from Your Customers

    Companies produce products for their customers. But many of the companies do not set aside time to actually talk to them. This results in many failed products. Friday in the design sprint is a user interview day. After a week of discussing and prototyping, on the last day of sprint an interviewer takes user interviews of five potential users and the rest of the team gathers their insights. At the end of the sprint, the team gets a clear idea about the product and how to improve it. 

    Design Sprints Teach New Ways of Working

    The five days of design sprint not only teaches you how to design think but also how to act on it by finding out insight on the company, looking for inspiration, coming up with solutions, prototyping ideas, and interviewing customers. 

    The Power of the Prototype

    Prototyping an idea and performing some user testing on it can save you and your company from building and launching a failed or flawed product. Companies nowadays are adapting this technique of prototyping. The best part of prototyping is, you do not need a fancy prototype. Creating a realistic facade with the least amount of technical tools also works well. Design sprint allows you to create a realistic prototype just in one day and you can see how prototyping gets you to find a better solution quickly.

    Design Sprints are Flexible

    One of the best parts of design sprints is that they are flexible. You may think, how are they flexible if there is a set of rules that you have to follow within a fixed timeline? Actually, depending on the project, you may shorten or lengthen the timeline of the design sprint. If you can complete maps, sketching, and decision making in one or two days, you can leave another two days for prototyping and user testing, you will be able to finish it in three or four days. The amount of time you spend on sprinting is totally up to you. But it is recommended that you leave two separate days for prototyping and user testing. Otherwise, do not let time stand in your way.