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    The Importance of Client Reviews for Freelancers! 

    4 July 2021

    Working as a freelancer can be difficult. One of the hardest things remote workers face is having to secure new clients for their business. Client reviews can make the task of reaching out to new clients much easier. Never underestimate the power of honest recommendations from your existing clients on sites like GrabStar. From what you know, those reviews and testimonials can help your business reach its highest peak.  

    Get Awesome Reviews! 

    Do you know who can write great reviews about your work? Your happy clients! Some freelancers are skeptical about asking their clients to write reviews. But once you decide to exhibit the proof of your great works, you will find more and more people interested in hiring you for their projects. 

    Here are a few tips that can help you earn great reviews-

    -Do a good job! 

    Well, you cannot expect good recommendations from a client if you haven’t satisfied them with your work. One way of receiving glorifying reviews is delivering the project perfectly before the deadline. 

    -Request Feedback as a matter of course

    Feedback is important for the betterment of your business. You can ask your clients to deliver feedback on your work and also display it as a review. 

    -Just Ask!

    One simple way to get more reviews is by just asking. When delivering a project, ask the client to write a review of your work. 

    Where to Use the Reviews?

    Once you have some good reviews from your clients, with their permission, you can use them to promote your remote business.

    -Your Online Profile

    On your professional website, you’d like to display the best reviews you have received from your clients. You can also link your business’s social media account to the website and manage the reviews.

    -Your CV or Portfolio

    A few selected appreciation from the clients can be used on the first page of your CV, or you can keep a testimonial page in your portfolio. 

    -Your Marketing Material

    Including client reviews on online and printed advertisement materials can add a new dimension to marketing strategy.

    -Job Bids or Tenders

    Adding reviews to related projects can make you appear more credible while bidding or tendering for a project. 

    Great reviews from happy clients are crucial for freelancers who are looking for new projects. No matter whether you are a small business or a solo remote worker, reviews are excellent to prove your track record in your professional field.