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    Some Important Reasons Why Review Are Essential For Your Project

    27 June 2021

    Client review is one of the most popular topics in the freelancing world. It has the power to make or break a business. All freelancers know why reviews are important to establish their business. A freelancer who wants to hold his reputation and gain more clients while working from home, online reviews are a blessing. Positive reviews can help you build a solid foundation of your working relationship with a potential client checking for your sincerity status online. 

    Asking clients to review your work after completing each project may be intimidating. Many professionals, especially the ones who are unaware of the advantages of client testimonials and ratings are reluctant to ask for a review from the clients. In that case, they fail to progress. If you are wondering how a small review can change your business, here are a few reasons: 

    They Make You More Visible

    Most clients search for freelancers using search engines like Google and Bing. Sometimes social media plays an important role in the client’s decision-making process. Review platforms like GrabStar show reviews in a manner that allows search engines to generate content effortlessly. Original and fresh positive reviews will actually help your business to be favored by search engine algorithms. The higher your ranking will be, the more chance there is that the client will think of you as an authority of the industry. 

    Better Understand your Projects

    Working remotely for a project can often create confusion between clients and freelancers. What you think might not be the same as what a client wants. At times, when clients decide to choose a freelancer, they want to check if the person can do what they actually want. Reviews are the proof of what works you have done and how well you can do it. 

    Credibility & Social Proof

    People tend to make decisions based on what others think. Having a good number of positive reviews will work as an advantage for you. Clients search for credibility when it comes to freelancing. Having social proof, even if it is from total strangers, helps clients to make decisions in choosing freelancers to work on their projects. To make it easier for clients to know your rating as a remote worker, GrabStar shows your rating on your profile. 

    They Make You Look Trustworthy

    Having positive feedback from clients is as important as being ranked top on a search engine result page. New clients trust freelancers who have more five-star or four-star reviews on their profiles. The higher reviews you have, the more traffic your business website will receive. 

    They Expand the Conversation About You

    Asking all your clients to write reviews about your business will increase the number of mentions. When clients are impressed by your work, they are more likely to mention you on public platforms like GrabStar. A positive conversation will encourage more positive conversation, hence attracting more clients. 

    They Are Increasingly Essential to Decision Making

    The majority of clients choose freelance workers based on reviews. The way people talk about you can build or break your business reputation, as clients are more likely to turn to review platforms like GrabStar to make their decision. 

    They Have a Clear Impact on your works

    Positive reviews have a clear impact on boosting confidence. Good reviews will encourage you to work harder and better. Having more feedback will show you what you can work on to improve your business. It is also a good way to learn what the clients want. 

    They Give You An Open Line

    Reviews open an opportunity for businesses to talk to their previous and potential clients directly. GrabStar has an open comment section with every review where you can reply to your clients. You can thank them for their reviews and feedback. 

    Improve Rankings

    Not all clients will have time to check all your reviews one by one. The number of positive reviews will not only increase your credibility but will also improve the overall ranking of your profile helping the clients to see the number of stars you received. 

    Reviews Generate More Reviews

    We people often follow others knowingly and unknowingly. Clients sometimes feel reluctant to write reviews. But the clients who are most satisfied by your works will always be happy to write something positive about your work. This will encourage others to write more nice things about you. Positive reviews will also generate more clients for your business to write reviews. 

    Reviews are a crucial part of marketing for freelancing projects. If you are a freelancer, there is no way you can avoid client reviews and succeed. GrabStar is a platform that allows clients and freelancers to write and receive reviews easily, helping generate efficiency.