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    Some Important Guidelines to begin with Freelancing!

    11 February 2021

    With remote works becoming more popular, people are choosing freelancing over traditional jobs as their profession. Millions of people have already chosen their careers as independent freelance workers, and studies have found that many more from Gen Z are opting to start freelancing. 

    What makes freelancing so desirable? Well, there are multiple reasons why freelancing is being preferred by the younger generation over traditional jobs- the ability to work remotely, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, which has become a necessary safety protocol. Along with this comes the flexibility of timing, which traditional offices cannot offer. Most importantly, having the freedom to be with family and friends whenever you want. 

    While it is true that more people are being attracted to freelancing, it is still pretty unconventional, causing many people to feel uneasy about their choice. This insecurity can hold you back from going ahead in your career. But know that you are not the only person going through this phase. Most freelancers have been facing the same trouble as you are. 

    No matter whether you are a designer, a web developer, or a freelance marketing expert, here are a few tips that we found helps to gain confidence when you begin your career as a freelancer:

    Knowing and Clarifying your Professional Skills

    Every person has their own skill sets. You must clarify what you are best at before deciding to freelance. 

    You may be an excellent UX designer. Your work has to reflect your qualifications. The thing is, while learning UX designing and working in the field there can be other related qualities you may have acquired. 

    Suppose as a UX designer, it is possible that you have the quality of a good communicator. Being clear about all your professional skills will help you expand your territory as a freelance worker. 

    Once you figure out what you know that can benefit you professionally, only then you can focus on improvement.

    Selecting a Market

    Once you are aware of all your professional skills, you need to focus on the sort of job you want to do and the type of clients you want. 

    Many freelancers make the mistake of saying yes to all clients at the beginning of their careers. It can cause more harm than benefit. It is rather wise to be strategic while taking on a project.

    You should always make sure that you know what type of jobs you want, the market demand for it, and how much you want to charge for doing the job. 

    Charging a cheaper rate at first may seem like a good idea at first to gain more clients. But once you are stuck with a rate that does not value your effort, there is no going back. Remember, good clients will always value your work, no matter how much you charge. 

    To know more about your client’s reputation, you can check Grabstar, where freelancers and their clients can review each other’s partnership with honesty. 

    Learning Self-discipline

    Freelancing is not like regular 9-5 jobs. Being a freelancer makes you your own boss. While this position comes with its perks, it also has some cons. One of which is that you have to ensure that you are being punctual and organized. 

    Train yourself to focus on one task at a time avoiding distractions. Make a list of tasks and create a schedule to complete them. Make certain that you are on track in being disciplined. You will find it much better to complete your tasks. 

    Defining your Workplace

    One great challenge of being a remote worker is not having a dedicated workplace. Whether you are working from home or a hired office space, you must ensure that you have a workstation of your own. Be it small, a workstation will help you focus on your work much better.

    Strictly follow these rules if you are working from home-

    • Ask family members not to distract you while you are working. 
    • DO NOT wear pajamas during work hours. 
    • Never work from bed or kitchen table.

    Building your Portfolio

    A portfolio can make or break the career of a freelancer. A well-built portfolio with your best work examples is the most important thing you need to attain new clients. Include as many details as you can in your portfolio, be professional, and do not lie about your expertise. 

    You can create a website to showcase your portfolio online. Grabstar has an option where you can upload your portfolio. You will be able to reach millions of people through this platform. 

    Promoting your Work and doing some Networking

    Connect yourself to the world as much as you can. On the Internet, you’ll find social media platforms like Linkedin, Twitter, etc very useful. There are blogs and groups you can join. Posting reviews and comments on freelancing platforms like Grabstar will also help you to build a network of communication. 

    Attending workshops, seminars, fairs, and other events works as an excellent way for networking in real life. Not only will networking find you other freelancers to connect with, but it is also a great source of meeting new potential clients.