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    Some Advice to Getting Freelance Clients!

    14 February 2021

    Freelancing has become a popular career choice amongst young people nowadays. It is a highly rewarding job to be able to work for yourself. Not only does it bring freedom to work on your terms, but also it will allow you room to grow. While freelancing authorizes you to be your own boss, it does come with some difficulties. 

    Working for yourself means you have the authority over your actions, but it also means you are on your own. From finding the first clients for your business to managing the works and creating a strategy to keep connected with the freelancing clients on a regular basis, you are responsible for everything. 

    Scoring new clients for your freelancing business can become stressful at times. Especially if you are a new freelancer, it is extremely important to acquire new and regular clients. But to maximize your business potential, it is essential to focus on acquiring new clients. 

    Here are a few simple yet affordable ways of attracting new clients to your freelancing business:

    Utilize Social Media to get Freelance Clients

    Most people nowadays spend a huge chunk of their time browsing social media. Businesses everywhere are using social media as an opportunity to reach potential customers, why should you stay behind? Let’s see how you can use social media to approach clients:

    Add Value on Facebook

    Facebook has become a haven for small businesses all over the world. Although organic reach in Facebook has become lower than it was before, it is still a booming platform to advertise your business and approach people you want to connect with. 

    Show Visuals on Instagram

    Who does not love an enticing photo? As Instagram is becoming more popular with time, it can be used as an advertising platform instead of Facebook. If you are a freelance photographer, post some of your best works on Instagram. Designers can demonstrate their designs. Because of its highly visual nature, Instagram will attract more people than you can imagine. All you need to do is use some hashtags and connect with other popular creatives. 

    Network on Linkedin

    Linkedin has always been a trusted platform for businesses and job seekers. Nowadays, Linkedin is used by freelancers to connect with potential clients. 

    Get Freelance Clients Through Networking

    Networking is the act of meeting people and forming valuable connections. For freelancers, there is no better way to get in touch with new clients than networking. Network with people online through various forums and social media. Post and comment on freelancer review platforms like Grabstar. Attend local events such as seminars, trade shows, and other specialized networking affairs. These will help you build relationships that in the future may turn into business opportunities. 

    Look into Joining a Co-working Space

    Co-working places are not like traditional offices. Here you will be able to meet people from various sectors. It is an excellent opportunity to build a network. Strong relationships will increase your chances of getting hired in the future if they need your service. 

    Use Email Marketing to get Freelance Clients

    Email marketing is a direct way of reaching the target audience. All you need is to collect a list of emails, which you can either do by using pop-up builders on your website or from local networking events and send out regular newsletters to keep the clients engaged. This will keep your brand on the top of their minds especially for occasions when they might need your services.

    Get listed and Encourage Reviews

    Get yourself listed on review sites like Yelp, Grabstar, etc. Organic reviews from satisfied clients will attract more people to your business. Positive reviews are also a good way of demonstrating professionalism and dedication to work, while negative reviews will help you grow. 

    Create Content to get Freelance Clients

    Create promotional materials like blog posts, a portfolio, a personal website with a relevant social media account to approach your target clients and let them know about your expertise. 

    Optimize your Website Portfolio

    A personal website portfolio can be an admirable chance to showcase your talent. Optimize your website portfolio in its 100% capacity. Make it look professional and organized. Not only will it boost the credibility of your business, but it will also increase engagement. 

    Grabstar offers you the opportunity to build a personal profile demonstrating all your notable works. As it is a freelancing platform, freelancing clients visit the website often to search for new freelancers and check their ratings. Creating a profile and optimizing it in a platform like this will enhance your business reputation. 

    Continually Improve & Practice

    Once you get hold of your first few clients, it is necessary that you stay on track to bring more. Clients can provide referrals if they find your services satisfactory. The best way to do it is by doing your finest work by providing the most effort. As a freelancer, your work is your product. Work on improving to be the best at what you do. As long as you deliver outstanding performances, you will always find clients to work with. 

    To survive in the world of freelancing, you need to figure out the act of landing more clients and hold onto them. It can be difficult at times, but once you get a hold of it and continue delivering first-rate performance, you will find yourself in the line of successful freelancers.