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    Should Leaders focus on Output or People?

    7 December 2020

    Being a leader is not as easy as it seems from the outside. You may think that having a company filled with people working under you gives you the right to call yourself a leader, but the reality is far from it.

    A leader is someone who has the farsight of things that a normal person cannot understand. It takes a great deal of effort to be a good leader. Many people have different ideas on what qualities a great leader possesses.

    Some think leadership is all about the result you achieve, while others believe you cannot achieve greatness in leadership without focusing on people. So, what does a great leader focus on- result or people?

    To be a successful leader, it is necessary that one has strong analytical skills to be able to solve problems at any moment. On the other hand, having only problem-solving skills with no social skills is seen as a downside. Having a combination of analytical and social skills is what a great leader needs.

    A balance of work and entertainment

    A great boss will not allow burnout among his employees. To avoid the exhaustion of workload, good leaders ensure that the team is having fun while working. But there is also such a thing as too much fun. A great leader always knows how to balance both work and fun.

    Putting together the perfect team

    One of the most essential qualities of a leader is to be able to hire and put together the best team of employees. Great leaders know what each of their employees is good at, and where they will shine. They will be able to execute a great plan to get the best outcome using their people skills.

    Deliver flawless feedback

    Being a good leader sometimes means you need to let the employees know where they are making mistakes. Taking into account their feelings and perspective, a good leader ensures that the employees are made aware of their mistakes for future betterment.

    To be a leader means one has to know how to get the best outcome using the right people. No one can lead a successful team only by focusing on outcomes or people. It is important that the leaders know their people, and motivate them to work towards the best result.