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    Real Estate Agent Near You: DeedFeed a UX Case-Study

    Real Estate Agent Near You


    Audrey J Sanchez


    Visual identity CX and Content strategy Website design Design system App Design

    About project

    Deedfeed is an online real estate portal for real estate professionals to build networks, showcase their expertise and collaborate. Deedfeed came to Ofspace Digital Agency to create an online presence that is organized and accessible so that they can gain more clients and close deals faster.

    Worried about your real estate transaction? The new Deedfeed online portal is here to help you!

    Ofspace Digital Agency worked closely with Deedfeed to create Deedfeed online portal. It is one of the prominent initiatives taken to make a stronger online presence for real estate agencies. The goal was to make the interface organized and user friendly so that the clients can complete their entire transaction process from start to finish.

    Worried about your real estate transaction? The new Deedfeed online portal is here to help you!

    Deedfeed Website

    Deedfeed aims to bring an innovative change to the real estate transaction which is lengthy and disorganized. We helped Deedfeed to inject technology to the complicated process and connect it to the world of internet.

    DeedFeed Mobile Application

    The Deedfeed mobile app provides users an organized and timely real estate transaction along with improving credibility and facilitating collaboration. We organized the Deedfeed app in a manner so that the clients can have all their real estate requirements from start to finish in an orderly manner.

    Sign Up Page

    We incorporated a sign up page in the website so that the clients can have a personalized profile for all their past and current transactions. We kept this page clean with an image to enhance the look of the page and a form to fill up to sign up for the website.

    Color Accessibility

    Our aim was to keep the interface clean, efficient and professional. For this we used the color blue as primary color. Different shades of the color cyan were used as the secondary color and for background we used gray.