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    Managing Businesses & Work From Home

    15 October 2020

    The fast spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way of life for many people. To keep running their business while ensuring the safety of the lives of their employees, organizations nowadays are asking employees to work remotely. 

    For managers and employers who are used to managing their team from an actual office working online remotely can be a bit of a challenge. Efficiently managing work processes, operations and employees through the use of technology alone without any direct human contact can seem intimidating for managers, especially the ones who run organizations with hundreds and thousands of employees. 

    Although it is necessary to establish some remote-work policies in advance in case there is a crisis. Managing remote workers is only a little different than managing a company where you have to show up daily. Keeping regular communication, and consistent expectations can help you manage your team of remote employees. 

    By following some rules of operation management, business leaders and managers can make their shift from working in an office to working from home smooth. 


    Business owners and managers should clarify their business goals and job roles to each and every one of the employees. They should have a clear idea of the overall business operation, process, job description, and performance standard. There should be clarity about the current scenario, future mission, and vision of the company with new business targets. Clarifying these things will result in enhancing performance and increased motivation. 


    Communication is one of the most important things when it comes to managing a company with remote workers. It is considered as an extremely important aspect needed for the company’s success. Effective managers keep constant communication with their employees to ensure the efficiency of the business model. Communication also helps in terms of decision making for the company. As a manager, make sure to contact all your employees at least once in a working day to know what they are up to and what progress they have made. 


    Employees working from home often feel left out of everything. It can result in lowering the team spirit and work efficiency. As a manager, you need to listen to all the employees during meetings, showing that you have trust in them gives them a sense of respect which will produce dynamic results. 

    Align Yourself Sensibly To This Change

    A sudden shift from being an office worker to a person who works from home can be challenging. But it is possible to maintain the schedule if you follow a few personal values and behaviors. Create a well-organized schedule to manage each day. Keep communicating, engage yourself with others, eat a healthy diet, exercise, and since you are working from home, you now have plenty of time for family.

    The sudden transition of the working environment can be tough for some. But with good management techniques, you will be able to maintain productivity at work as well as team spirit.