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    Is Design Management Roles to Convey Design Operations?

    9 December 2020

    Design management is the ongoing process of making design decisions and strategies that enables innovations to create effectively-designed products that ensure organizational success while enhancing the quality of life. It creates a link between “art” and “business” providing a competitive advantage in the economic, social, and environmental factors associated with the organization. 

    Design operations or DesignOps is the coordination and optimization of people, process, and craft in order to boost the design value in the scale. It operates to address challenges such as creating efficient workflows, hiring people with necessary skills, improving the design outputs, and betterment of the design team. 

    Design operation establishes a process that supports and measures the challenges that organizations face while focusing on designing and researching a product. 

    Design management and design operations are strictly linked to each other. A design manager works on figuring out the craft, vision, where to push the boundaries of the thinking process for the betterment of the foundation of customer experience. DesignOps focuses on creating an order to the workflow for a better employee experience from recruiting to off-boarding so that the designers share the common goal of establishing a better customer experience. 

    The Head of Design or Design Manager operationalizes the design and aligns the team into creating a happier, better, and effective design environment to reach the objectives of a wider business goal.