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    How to Scramble the UI/UX Career Stairs?

    14 February 2021

    UI/UX designing has become a popular career choice amongst many. People from numerous professions have been entering the field, making it more competitive to climb the ladder of success. 

    Starting a career as a UI/UX designer in reputed firms is a desirable position. But with the increased number of candidates, it is becoming more and more difficult. Even if you do manage to obtain an entry-level position in the field of UX, accelerating from that rank of the junior level employee can be challenging.

    While being an associate or junior level employee can help you achieve a lot of things like the chance to learn from your mentors, being able to ask questions, get directions, and experimenting with different areas of UX, it is natural that a person would move past that position and make progress. 

    We have decided to share with you some tips that helped us and our colleagues to ascend the ladder of entry-level workers to mid and top-level employees. 

    Look for Feedback

    Entry-level workers or associates have the advantage of being able to bond and learn from more experienced designers. There is always more to learn in UX. When you are working as an associate, it means you have many experts and experienced designers working above you. Having them around will help you practice self-awareness and figure out the blind spot that you may have. Getting constructive feedback from your boss or mentor is a blessing. Work on that feedback, reflect upon it, make an action plan to improve on it. The more you work on enhancing your skills, the better chances you have of ascending in your design career. 

    Hold on to Learning

    In the field of UX, there is no end to learning. Even if you have a career dedicated to UX, you are expected to keep up with the latest trends through reading books, articles, listening to podcasts, watching videos, and gathering inspiration. Keep aside an hour or two for learning. There are various websites like Dribbble, Flipboard, Behance, etc from where you will be able to learn new things about design trends every day. If you are someone with high ambition, you can always pursue a higher degree in design. Although it can be difficult to manage work and study at the same time, eventually you will find it extremely rewarding. 

    Engage with the UX Community

    Networking with the UX community can turn out to be of huge advantage when you are looking ahead to climb the career ladder of UX designing. Attending seminars, meetings, social events can increase your social engagement within the community. You will find mentors from whom you can learn many things. Professional networking will increase your visibility and provide you opportunities to build different areas of expertise with great insights and resources. 

    Set off as an Instructor

    If you have already chosen UX as your career, you are someone who knows a lot of things about the field. Helping others who want to breakthrough in the field will not only boost your morale but also it will help you refine your core skills. Being a mentor is not always about teaching. Sometimes an instructor can learn from the trainees. Mentoring others will help you realize the amount of knowledge you have and allow you to see things from different insights. 

    Accelerate your Development

    One fast way to speed up your promotion in the field of UX is to change your current job. Working in many different positions will allow you to gather new skills rapidly. It will expose you to newer problems and opportunities and authorize you to work with various professionals. Never forget to seek out the right opportunity to grow, whether you stay in your current job or move to another. The more skills you can demonstrate the better chances you will have of promotion. 

    Next Move

    Once you move up a position in your career, it is not the end. You still need to nourish and maintain the works you have done to reach this position. Never stop working towards improvement. Iterate and refine your designs on a regular basis. Keep working towards success, and nothing will stop you from ascending that career stair. 

    We hope these tips will help you gain your desired success in your career. Wishing you all the best for your future!