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    How to Make an Exemplary Freelance Portfolio for the Client?

    9 February 2021

    Are you planning to impress your clients with an amazing portfolio? Well, you are in the right direction, as an exemplary portfolio can enhance your reputation in a lot of different ways. Showing your clients your best works can increase their trust in your potential. To be a successful freelancer, there is no better option than to create a well-assembled portfolio. 

    If you are amongst those who are struggling to put together a well-organized portfolio, here are a few tips for you: 

    Write a Headline That’s Intelligible, Brief, and Productive

    Whether you are a writer, a web developer, a designer, or an illustrator, there is nothing more convincing than starting your portfolio with an eye-catching headline. Your project headline should induce the clients to learn more about the project you worked on. It should indicate what the project was about using a few clever words. 

    Communicate the Value You’ll Bring

    Your portfolio should clearly state your contribution to each project you have worked on. Explain how you have completed each task and what you loved about it. You can also create a ‘Hire Me’ page in your freelance portfolio where you can provide all the reasons for why they should hire you. Let them know your works and the contributions you can make to their projects. 

    Share Your Qualifications and Experience

    For trainees and new designers, a great way to fill the gaps in the portfolio is to talk about their education. Let the clients know about your educational background and the training you have received to call yourself an expert in your field. While it is better to include your best projects to showcase in the portfolio, never forget to mention what experiences you have received working in the field. 

    Be Compassionate

    Your portfolio not only demonstrates your best works but also shows how compassionate you are towards your clients. Design your portfolio to be easily understandable by clients from different professional fields. Explain how you like to communicate with your clients and state the fact that you take their decisions for the project seriously. 

    Make It Simple for People to Contact You

    There is no use for a portfolio if the person reading it cannot contact you for a new project. Put your contact info in a place that can be easily seen while reading the portfolio. 

    Upload a Professional Photo

    A professional photo in your portfolio profile will enhance your credibility as a freelancer in many ways. Clients find it difficult to trust people they have never seen. Seeing a professional photo of you will allow them to check who they are working with.

    Create a Supporting Plan

    If you are someone who has been working as a freelancer for a number of years, keeping an organized file for all your works separating them by categories is a good idea. This way, you do not lose any of your work in the sea of works you have completed. A well-organized portfolio is essential for every freelancer to demonstrate the quality of their works. To make this process of making a portfolio easier, Grabstar has brought an easy solution. It has an already organized system where all you need to do is upload your information to build an enhanced portfolio.