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    Few Essentials Skills for the Modern UI and UX Designer 

    10 December 2020

    UI/UX designing is one of the most popular career choices nowadays. While these two design methods are separate from each other, they do overlap in a way that creates the need for designers to taste both worlds. 

    This overlap often confuses designers to believe that they do need to jump directly to UI trends and high performing designs and avoid the fundamental skills necessary. 

    The high demand for UI/UX designers also poses an obstacle in searching for the right skills. Of course, you need to have good knowledge of animations and graphics, but in this highly competitive era, companies look way beyond the design skills. 

    To ensure if they are eligible for the post of UI/UI designer in a company, one must acquire a unique set of skills that separate them from other designers.

    Empathy for the Customer

    UX designing is all about the users. Being able to think from the customer’s point of view and verify that the design fulfills all the customers’ needs is most crucial in UX designing. So, to be a good UX designer, one must have the skills to empathize with their customers and understand what the person is experiencing from the other side. 

    Coding and Technical skills

    Designers do not need to be experts on coding. But having the knowledge of basic coding and technical things can make his work much easier. Understanding the limitations of technology and codes can help the designers create a realistic and efficient design, which is always a plus point. 

    Appetite for Knowledge

    We all know a designer needs to be an expert on visual designs, interaction design, data visualization, and information architecture. But what no one tells us is that the desire to understand and learn about the core challenges that people face in their day to day lives is also important for designers. 

    Having a natural curiosity for life builds the problem-solving skills that every UX designer needs to be successful in their career. 

    Logic and Reasoning skills

    UX designing is not about coming up with ideas that come into our minds without a rational understanding. Design thinking needs editing, testing, reasoning, and logical comparison of the facts. Coming up with brilliant solutions does not create great design, prototyping and testing do. So, a UI/UX designer must know how to logically reason and test their solutions. 

    Storytelling and presentation skills

    Being a UX designer not only means you need to come up with a solution, but you also must know how to communicate those solutions. People may think with logic, but they mostly act on emotion. To make people emotionally accept our solution, you need to come up with a compelling story using personas, scenarios, customer journeys, and design presentations. 

    Ability to hear and accept feedback

    To get better at any task, one must have the ability to accept feedback. Listening to what the critics have to say about our product will allow you to have a deeper understanding of our product and how people are going to accept it. This will create a chance to build a better product. 

    Visualization Skills

    UX designing is all about users. Having the power to visualize the data and information in a functional and user-friendly context is an important skill for a UX designer to have. It is all about efficiency. 

    Analytics and Research skills

    Before finalizing a design, a UX designer must know how much the users are going to accept it. To understand this part, he must do some deep analytical research before deciding on the design. This skill allows us to figure out the positive and negative outcomes in advance, so user testing does not bring an astonishing result. 

    Wireframing and Prototyping

    A good UX designer not only creates designs, he also tests the design to ensure its efficiency. Being able to create wireframe and prototypes on different levels make it a lot easier to test the product efficiency and visually express the initial idea. This is a great way to review and test the design. 

    UI/UX designing is a high demand job at this age. But with passing time and increased competition, the job is becoming more difficult. The Job description is not what it used to be in 2009. To ensure our position in this highly competitive market, you need to make sure you have all the necessary technical and soft skills to separate yourself from the crowd.